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Long-chain Alkyl Silicone Fluid BL-222

Alkyl modified silicone fluid


Long-chain Alkyl Silicone Fluid BL-222

BL-222 is a alkyl modified silicone fluid offers good lubricity, mold release, hydrophobicity, compatibility and printability.

Technical Index

AppearanceColorless and clear liquid
Viscosity, cSt, (25°C)900-1500
Refractive index1.4620-1.4650
Volatility, % (3h,150℃)<1%
Specific gravity, (25°C)0.89-0.95


* Base oil for lubricating grease: it can be used for lubrication between stainless steel and titanium steel, as lubricating oil for aluminum machines, etc.

* Alkyl modified silicone oil in the form of a grease-like solid can be used as a lubricant for fibers and yarns and a processing agent for melt spinning after mixing with paraffin.
* As a release agent: it does not interfere with the subsequent printing, embossing and painting of the product surface.
* Used as a water repellent: it can reduce the freezing point of crude oil and improve the impact strength of polypropylene.
* Used as skin care and hair care products: the hydrocarbon-based modified silicone oil is added to the formulation of skin care and hair care products to improve lubricity and spreadability, impart good sealing properties, and improve hair conditioning


50KG, 200KG or 1000KG Drum or other package according to customers’ requirement.