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MQ Resin Powder BL-M300 Series

MQ resin is a co-hydrolysis product of tetraalkoxy silane (Q unit) and trimethylalkoxy silane (M unit).


MQ Resin Powder BL-M300 Series

BL-M300 MQ resin is a co-hydrolysis product of tetraalkoxy silane (Q unit) and trimethylalkoxy silane (M unit).

Technical Index

Product type








Solid Powder



Bulk Density (g/cm3, 25℃)


Molecular weight, g/mol







M/Q ratio




Hydroxyl Content0.5%




Transparent condensation type PSA, industrial tackifying resin, defoamer, mold release agent.

Platinum catalytic PSA


Waterproof material


1. Reinforcing material: Condensation type liquid silicone rubber(LSR).
2. Release agent: For urethane rubber such as shoe sole.
3. Silicone Defoamer: It can be used to prepare high-temperature and strong alkali-resistant silicone defoamer. The silicone defoamer also has the advantages of non-toxicity and environmental protection. By adding high-viscosity hydroxyl silicone oil and silicone MQ resin to synthesize a network polymer with a high degree of branching, so as to improve the high-temperature resistance and strong alkaline resistance of the defoamer.
4. For polishes, excellent additive to enhance the water repellent properties of automotive and domestic care systems.
5. Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(SPSA):
Because the solvent type contains a large amount of volatile organic compounds, solvent volatilization is easy to cause serious pollution to the environment during curing. Nowadays, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention. The silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive industry is taking environmental protection and low-cost products as the development mainstream, and taking biodegradable, radiation curing and other new products as the research direction. Silicone MQ resin mainly plays the role of tackifying and reinforcing. The silicone hydroxyl group or vinyl group in MQ resin can condense with the hydroxyl group of silicone rubber or with silicone rubber through hydrogen-containing siloxane under the action of catalyst, so as to prepare silicone
pressure-sensitive adhesive.
6. Film-forming in personal care and cosmetic
7. Other applications:
7.1 The silicone MQ resin containing SiH groups or aralkyl groups is used as a crosslinking agent. Under the action of a platinum catalyst, a phenyl silicone resin-containing packaging material is synthesized with a silicone resin containing vinyl and high phenyl groups. The material is compatible and compatible. With good transparency, high hardness, and high refractive index, it can be used for LED packaging and lens production.
7.2 With MQ hydrogen-containing silicone oil and silyl enoate, under the catalysis of Pt, the hydrosilylation reaction occurs to obtain MQ resin-modified carboxyl silicone oil. It can be used in combination with amino silicone oil emulsion to give fabrics a better soft, smooth, and plump feel.