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Silicone Emulsifier BL-187

[INCI/CTFA] Cyclomethicone (and) PEG-18/PPG-18 Dimethicone
Equivalent Brand: DOWCORING 5225C


Silicone Emulsifier BL-187

[INCI/CTFA] Cyclomethicone (and) PEG-18/PPG-18 Dimethicone 

Equivalent Brand: DOWCORING 5225C

BL-187 is a dispersion of high molecular weight silicone polyether in decamethylcyclopentasiloxane. The product is an ideal material specifically for water-in-volatile silicone formulations. As a dispersion aid for both non-polar and polar ingredients, it can make non-polar ingredients in the external silicone phase and polar ingredients in the internal aqueous phase.

Technical Index

AppearanceLight milky-white translucent fluid
Specific gravity (25℃)0.930-0.970
Viscosity (CST, 25℃)50-80
Solid content (%, w/w)10-14
Flash point(℃)75


* Cyclomethicone and dimethicone copolyol

* An excellent formulation aid as dispersion for emollients, moisturisers sunscreens and antiperspirants

* Good stability in w/o formulations

* Making w/o emulsion more clearer


Add the water phase slowly to the oil phase using a high-speed mixer to enhance the stability of W/O emulsion. Increasing the viscosity by increasing the proportion of water phase.

1. Stir the product before use.

2. Use a homogeniser to stabilize the product further.

3. Electrolytes, preferably NaCl at a level of 1-2% should be added to the water phase to ensure long-term stability.

4. The emulsion can be made at ambient temperature if the formulation is free from solid ingredients.

The recommended usage level is 4-12%.



BL-187 is available in 20kg plastic drums or 200kg Iron drums.