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Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oil BL-275

Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oil BL-275


Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oil BL-275

Diffusion Pump Oil BL-275 is a colorless to light yellow transparent oily, single-component fluid designed for ultrahigh vacuum applications. The vapor pressure and back streaming rate of BL-275 is so low that the use of traps or refrigeration is unnecessary for some ultra-high and ultra-clean vacuum applications. It has the highest phenyl content of all silicone diffusion pump oils and the best resistance to radiation.


Equivalent Brand: Dow Corning 705, MT-705, and HIVAC-F-5

Technical Index



Viscosity, cst (25)


Refractive Index (25)


Flash Point,


Minimal Vacuum Level , P


Saturated Vapor Pressure, P



Electrical and electronics industry

• TV tubes, fluorescent tubes, cathode ray tubes

• ordinary bulbs

• capacitors

• rectifier metallised film vacuum system


Optical industry

• surface improvements

• anti reflective coatings

• optical filters and mirrors

Metallurgy industry

• high-vacuum furnaces

• melting, degassing and sintering refractory metals; thick-film deposition

Plastics industry

• surface improvements

• mirror coatings

• protective coatings

• film coatings

Other industries

• processing metals and fuels

• accelerators

• molecular plants

• R & D plants

• mass spectrometry


Be used as transmission fluid in high-temperature carriers and various instruments.


5kg plastic drums, 25kg plastic drums, 25kg Iron drums or 200kg Iron drums.