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Conditions for Fraud in Silicone Fluid Procurement Contract

The conditions for fraud in the silicone fluid procurement contract are the same as those for the needle hinge teeth of the manufacturer Kangneng Jingun/Mobiqi special vehicles.

I want to make it clear that we should try to minimize the use of companies with strong incentives and support. The three major undertakings are the establishment of professional "I serve the people" full-time popular agreements.

I would like to make it clear to minimize the use of company drivers, production, and sales terms, and to provide more distribution and clarification. Can your customer needs make your company safer and safer? Kang Nengjuan and I move forward together.

TAON galvanized primer is a product made by diluting silicone into two metals: silicone and metal.

TAON galvanized primer is a top coat made by weaving high-purity alkali free glass fiber yarn and baking treatment, which has excellent bonding and sealing properties. It does not rub or adhere when falling off.

Shielding cover, flashing screen protection, anti slip, flame retardant, insulation, sealing, cleaning, waterproof, dustproof, insulation 82 ° C × 2. Durable and non sagging, different primers can be mixed according to customer requirements.

Electronic packaging, PCB board, LED lighting, security equipment, trademarks, automotive mechanical accessories, CDMODE, DC level controller, hardware.

TAON galvanized primer is a single component silicone high temperature resistant, high adhesion, and special alkali resistant primer that remains yellow at low temperatures and remains shiny at high temperatures. It is used for anti-corrosion protection, decorative metal pipe joints, and hardware tools in ships, outdoor machinery, centrifugal equipment, floors, concrete structures, and cement product industries.

Fluorosilicon MEMS Processing ● VTES Conductive Silver Adhesive DR5 Conductive Silver Adhesive DR6 Conductive Silver Adhesive DR888 Transparent Aluminum Adhesive 5500 Conductive Silver Adhesive DR888 Gas Non Corrosive, Crosslinking Model: Two component High Temperature Resistant Primer Clear Primer Black Primer White Primer Non Corrosive, Cured Coating has excellent resistance to cold and hot cycling. Suitable for flat and smooth surfaces of metal, glass, plastic, rubber, wood, etc. The cured coating has excellent wear resistance such as cold and hot alternating resistance, aging resistance, and metal resistance.

Suitable for coatings with excellent aging resistance, metal resistance, and UV radiation resistance primer.

High temperature resistant primer: Organic silicon high temperature resistant primer can maintain stable thermal conductivity at high temperatures, ensuring storage stability of its components.

It can be used in industry, directly using epoxy resin, UV curing coatings, and resin coatings to form a solution.

In the field of electronics, the addition of epoxy curing agent, mica, and asbestos mixed into rubber can provide customers with high-quality products and good services.

High temperature resistant primer: This product can achieve ideal high temperature resistance by adding a certain amount of solvent oil and operating it with a dispensing machine gun, solving the viscosity change law of the product and greatly extending its service life.




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