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How can enterprises ensure a balance between the quality of silicone fluid products and market prices

How can enterprises ensure the balance between the quality of silicone fluid products and market prices? Choosing silicone gifts has always been a matter of how much money is needed in the field, and it is also difficult to have confidence in it. So, we need to find an effective silicone gift. Today, we will learn about the application of silicone gifts with the editor.

Generally speaking, silica gel can be divided into two categories based on its properties and components: organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel.

Titanate type has high transparency, good thermal stability, and outstanding chemical stability. It has physiological inertness, good electrical insulation, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertness, viscosity and temperature resistance, low surface tension, and also has high characteristics such as compression resistance, radiation resistance, compression resistance, weather resistance, static electricity resistance, and high temperature resistance.

Adjustable sequence of Xinyue GC-60 vulcanization viscometer ×= 8: 1. Mix RTV silicone rubber.

Xinyue GC-609HP-770 high-temperature sealant has strong sealing performance at 180 ° C, 500 ° C, and 300 ° C high temperatures;

Xinyue GC-401 high-temperature sealant can be used in a temperature range of 200 to up to 180 ° C.

Xinyue GC-621 silicone sealant has good resistance to high and low temperatures, can withstand various stresses after curing, does not flow or accumulate, and can resist various stress attacks after curing.

Xinyue GC-332D high-temperature resistant sealant, chemical name: liquid isocyanate polymer, is a two component pre formed liquid silicone rubber. The main raw material is polyurethane, stabilizer, crosslinking agent, and catalyst. It is non-toxic, harmless, non corrosive, low viscosity, and can maintain elasticity within 200 ° C for 2 hours after vulcanization. It can withstand high loads for up to 3 hours and resist mechanical impact.

The agent amount of E-10C epoxy resin structural unit hard path section temperature resistant sealant is ≥ 19 500 oC.

The product can be customized and packaged in 1000KG iron drums or IBC drums according to customer requirements.

BL-95A low-temperature curing epoxy resin potting adhesive HUDW transparent epoxy resin AB product 120g.

Composed of two component epoxy resin spherical particles, it can be cured at room temperature without yellowing when heated, and its performance can be improved by 200 C or even 002 V.

The application of electronic industry, such as shock absorption of various cars, shock absorption of shock absorbers, dielectric strength, electromagnetic compatibility, insulation, sealing, shock absorption, sealing of electric heating components, etc.

Used for bonding in the electronic industry, such as insulation of communication connectors, computers, audio organs, and computers, insulation, sealing, and anti-corrosion protection of medical devices and electronic equipment.

● Painting of various electronic components, such as switching power supplies, transformers, circuit boards, network transformers, communication equipment, LEDs, and computers.

Insulation, sealing, moisture-proof, and fire-proof sealing of various microwave components.




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