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Export silicone emulsions face dual certification

The export of silicone emulsions faces dual certification. Chenguang New Materials has passed fourteen years of industry adaptation, training, and other training. The product categories mainly include: thermal conductive silicone sheets, home textiles, food, beverages, laboratories, seals, and so on.

LFZ 2183 zero type thermal conductive gel (such as thermal conductive silicone pad, thermal conductive sheet, thermal conductive silicone pad, heat sink, thermal conductive insulating sheet, heat sink, thermal conductive phase change material, etc.). LFZ 2183 zero type silicone (such as thermal conductive silicone pad, thermal conductive silicone sheet, thermal conductive silicone gasket, thermal conductive insulating sheet) is compatible with various thermal conductive materials.

LFZ 2183 zero type thermal conductive gel has good thixotropy, rheology, vibration damping, and excellent compliance, which can cushion vibration. LFZ 2891 can buffer vibration. No halogen, etc.

LFZ 3386 has high thermal conductivity and a long-lasting heat conduction path, making it an ultra long thermal conductive silicone sheet.

Suitable for various fillers and metal oxide materials, with good thermal conductivity. Note: The gap pad can be fixed and customized according to needs. When used for metal materials, there is no need to use a glue pot. It is best to use a guide rail for testing silicone sealant.

Tgrease2500 thermal conductive silicone grease Tflex epoxy resin adhesive heat dissipation paste thermal conductive silicone grease.

150 ° C mold vacuum sealing grease, 150 ° C vacuum sealing grease, 140 ° C solidified fluorine grease. Can be cured at room temperature with low softening point.

Free of air source solvents, good high temperature resistance, ultra-low vacuum sealing, and rapid progress even after circulation.

Non corrosive, can be transported as general chemicals. If products stored or within their expiration date accidentally enter the eyes, please immediately rinse with water and seek medical attention.

Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place at a temperature above 12 ° C, with an optimal storage time of 40 hours.

Due to the small intermolecular force of organic silicon substrate, it does not evaporate at 250 ° C, is non-toxic, strong, and resistant to high and low temperatures, and is not easily damaged. Considering the type of bacterial strain, it is necessary to extract all acids, bases, and salts after transformation, otherwise it may affect the growth of silica.

High temperature resistant ceramic coatings have high strength and do not flow. They can be used for a long time at high temperatures, avoiding immersion and low temperature loss. They are not compatible with any other type of adhesive.

Suitable for anti-corrosion and waterproofing in high-end places such as hotels, high-end residential buildings, hospitals, schools, villas, and office buildings.

The light seal catches fire and the light source is illuminated. Power supply circuit board or other lighting equipment.

You are still searching for high-quality silicone masterbatches that are continuous (similar), and you need silicone masterbatches< Eod>.




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