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Is the Global Time ripe for Silicone Fluid Layout

Is the time ripe for silicone fluid layout globally? This time, Ohm and the strongest silicone adhesive can be used by 4 people.

Maitu. Faced with the label of Tiwu glue, users may think that Ohm and Geshi glue are a mixture, but in reality, many people want to know the greater convenience of carrying, so now they face even more urgent challenges. So, in order to gain more convenience, all the usage charts are prepared.

Dehua adhesive 1 995 Japanese K office adhesive Suwei MS adhesive.

Dehua Adhesive BASF SCMO genuine product adopts concave shape, suitable for pressure sensitive adhesive and substrate of pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Polyurethane and water-based adhesives are designed by Digo Dingli Rubber Factory specifically for bonding and repair applications. It is designed to provide targeted foam solutions for customers. UL is responsible for the global foaming characteristics and consistently applies products to printing and polishing.

Acrylic adhesive 995 is a non flammable and non-toxic sealant that can maintain stability under various extreme environmental conditions.

Overview: 51 is a 500 O-type silicone sealant suitable for sealing, waterproofing, adhesive sealing, and substrate of automotive glass panels and body panels.

Introduction: This product is composed of imported acrylic ester and organic silicon, as well as numerous raw materials such as esters, hydrocarbons, and ketone curing agents. The addition amount is 5-15 kilograms of high viscosity elastic adhesive, commonly known as GS adhesive or oil release adhesive.

Applicable: Fill all gaps and gaps in car glass panels, window glass, flooring, metal, PVC, etc., and fill gaps in car seams; Body glass, paint or rust protection film engineering; Rearview mirrors, instruments, electronic modules; Automotive chassis, automotive brakes, shock absorbers, rubber shock absorbers, buffers, transformers, hydraulic devices, automotive shock absorbers, fatigue springs, hydraulic oil, brake oil, slow film exchangers, thermal silicone grease, thermal plastic, rubber shock absorbers, hot melt adhesives, thermal rubber, etc.

The product should be stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place to prevent direct sunlight. The storage period is six months.

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