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Ultra long warranty silicone fluid

Ultra long warranty silicone fluid liquid silicone environmentally friendly food grade silicone sealing adhesive improves the application field of solvent-free environmentally friendly epoxy resin system silicone.

The manufacturers of silicone are generally divided into three categories: organic silicone, composite silicone, flame retardant silicone, selected adhesive, additive, one-step selection model, C7A, and silane crosslinking agent. How to select high-quality organic silicon.

S is not harmful to understand silicone, which is a highly active adsorption material with a chemical formula of mSiO2 · nH2O. We are known as occupational health supervisors and suppliers, but do you know what kind of material silicone is? Next, let's take a look at the value of materials. Generally, high-quality silicone is mainly used as a filler for raw materials.

Organic silicone waterproofing agents are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places, and their effects are very good. So how to use silicone waterproofing agent? Below, we will introduce to you the many functions of organic silicone waterproofing agents: 1. Reinforcement agents. After applying silicone waterproofing agent, the surface has hydrophobic properties and can penetrate into the substrate, just like the skin. However, due to the molecules of organic silicon coating.

Pressure sensitive adhesive has such a moldy state when wet, so moisture-proof and waterproof are its most important maintenance substrates. During periods of low humidity, the curing rate is very fast, and when the temperature is relatively high, the appropriate curing rate is relatively slow. Easy to clean. In order to overcome weight loss and improve the durability of the adhesive, and facilitate the disassembly and assembly of plastic parts.

The adhesive strength of silicone waterproofing agents is generally high, so they can be used for operations such as stepping on pedals, backing feet, etc. during construction. However, when the adhesive object is too thin, some even have only adhesive force.

There are various types of silicone waterproofing agents, including organic silicone, polyurethane adhesive, acrylic adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, etc. Usually, based on the chemical properties of silicone, the state of use of silicone determines its state of use.

The characteristics of silicone waterproof agent make the surface of the product dry and feel dry after a period of use. Its characteristic is that it will not be wetted or penetrated by water at room temperature.

The advantages of silicone waterproofing agents include not only high temperature resistance, but also excellent physical properties at temperatures between -60 ° C and below -60 ° C. Under high temperature, the advantage of silica gel waterproof agent is that it can still maintain good waterproof property under the condition of resisting environmental temperature changes, while the performance of silicone lotion will be far from meeting this requirement with the passage of time for many years.

Silicone defoamer is widely used in: fermentation, food, paper making, fiber, treatment agent, film-forming agent, degreasing powder, silicone rubber, metal cleaner, cement and building materials, water, ceramic precipitation, cleaning, cosmetics, ink, battery, toner, 107, detergent, daily chemicals, leather, rubber, leather, silk screen, cosmetics, liquid, daily chemicals, plastics, production, printing and dyeing, metal processing, electroplating, latex, lotion polymerization, mining Drilling production, printing and dyeing, food, desulfurization, seawater desalination, oilfield drilling production, mining and beneficiation, smelting, rubber, coating production, glass grinding, asphalt production, ink and other industries.




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