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From following to leading, silicone emulsion products are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking

From following to leading, silicone emulsion products are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking development, and have achieved breakthroughs in new materials and certification of new products for more than a decade, greatly meeting the technological innovation attributed to industries such as Shifei Students, Jinshan Scientific Research, and Industry.

Ultrafine release film mainly has an anti adhesion effect on the adhesion of silicone oil release film, and is recommended to be used on the array side track at -40 ° C to 200 ° C. It can also be applied to deformation joints in ground, steel bridge structures, and steel building structures.

What is the purpose of ultrafine release film? The commonly used release film in the manufacturing industry, also known as silicone oil film. The application of silicone oil release film can be divided into two categories: applications in the die-cutting manufacturing industry and applications in the graphite manufacturing industry. The silicone oil release film used in the graphite manufacturing industry has the characteristics of uniform and stable release force, and can also be used as an anti-static layer according to customer standards, mainly for the rolling of graphite bare materials. 2、 What is the fluorine release membrane used for? Fluorine release membrane, also known as fluoroplastic release membrane. This type of release film is made of fluorinated organic silicon material coated on the surface and has high temperature resistance characteristics. Compared to silicone tape, it has high-quality peeling characteristics. Fluorine release film is mainly used in high-temperature tape and gold finger composite die-cutting processing technology. 3、 What is a non silicon release film used for? The scope of application of non silicon release films includes thermosols, HC transfer paper, micro adhesive, and release films for production and processing of micro adhesive protective films. In addition, due to its heavy peeling force, it can effectively prevent the release film from moving or falling when producing and processing extremely fine components.

Universal release film, comprehensive film manufacturer. Focusing on various film industries such as release paper, BOPP release film, PET release film, OPP release film, mask film, PET release film, etc.

Wholesale manufacturers of release paper share that under high temperature conditions, the high-temperature release film can still maintain intact adhesive clothing, and have developed the latest fluorine release film technology. High temperature release film can maintain long-lasting high temperature resistance under special circumstances, and can reach 100 ° C in regions, fully exerting its function when used in low temperature areas; Applied at high speeds, striving to improve product performance and avoid industry risks.

Double sided release film, also known as silicone oil film. This type of release film is produced by the process of surface inward traction to generate an organic molecule band with self elasticity, because it can make the double-sided release film efficient, so it can be said that the double-sided release film is very flat and smooth. Conventional thickness PET release film 1. Vertical problem: If you have a thin and uneven release film, the release force will gradually decrease and the leveling will also be good. Therefore, in order to improve the release force of the release membrane, it is necessary to carefully examine the incision.




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