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Export silicone fluid faces dual certification

The export of silicone fluid faces dual certification, which is related to the characteristics of the synthetic silicone fluid curing agent you are currently using. Please carefully analyze the performance and properties of silicone.

Internal trimming of silicone requires a strict process flow, and according to the differences in materials and materials, internal trimming of silicone requires a more rigorous process flow. Inner trimming silicone also requires a stricter process flow, and inner trimming silicone also requires a stricter process flow.

As the temperature gradually increases, ultraviolet radiation hardly affects the performance of silicone, but there are also some silicone rubber products that need to go through stricter process flow. (2) Due to the exposure of ultraviolet radiation, it hardly causes aging or shedding. (3) Due to the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, they almost do not cause burns, so the appropriate amount of ultraviolet rays can be reduced without causing secondary pollution of the material.

After liquid products generate viscosity, they quickly adsorb onto metals, aluminum, magnesium, and other materials in a short period of time. The surface of silicone products forms an oil layer, which not only has the bonding performance of silicone, but also has the ability to easily remove dust from bonded objects due to their adhesion to metals, electrical appliances, such as optical and electronic products.

Two component liquid silicone can be divided into single component silicone, two component silicone, and mixed silicone according to the different materials after vulcanization. All of them can meet the bonding process requirements after vulcanization and have excellent impact resistance after curing.

A two component room temperature or heat cured single component silicone adhesive sealant has a higher curing rate than MSDS records for metals and glass, TPT, and T coastal areas. The cured gel has good dielectric properties and is not affected by evaporation or freeze-thaw phenomena, and has no corrosive effect on metals.

The cured gel has excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance, little impact on glass, TL, glasses, and does not contain inorganic filler.

Two component epoxy adhesive sealant has excellent high and low temperature resistance, and the cured gel has good UV resistance< Eod>.




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