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Classification and Introduction of Silicone Resin Containers

Regarding the classification and introduction of silicone resin containers, they can be divided into docking type, molded type, and non seam type. Today, the editor will analyze the differences between silicone.

Rubber bottom grouting and silicone bottom grouting are generally made of methyl vinyl silicone resin as the base material, combined with crosslinking agents, fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, and refined using special processes.

Extension sealing adhesive positioning adhesive PP structural adhesive is mainly used for connecting components of different materials, surfaces, thicknesses, etc. such as ceramics, metals, engineering plastics, glass, etc. It has characteristics such as strong adhesion, good weather resistance, and resistance to large gaps.

Glass curtain walls originally bring various artistic effects to glass, including glass, aluminum profiles, glass decoration, horn glue, aluminum veneers, and lighting roofs. With the improvement of structural accuracy, glass curtain walls exhibit modern features (glass, aluminum profiles, glass).

The silicone adhesive series products can be directly divided into strength, tensile strength, peel strength, and peel strength based on their weather resistance.

Glass curtain walls are an important component of glass curtain walls. If the glass curtain wall is damaged, as well as if the glass and aluminum profiles are damaged, the fastening of the glass and aluminum profiles will also automatically fall off.

The material used for glass is excellent and can withstand the impact of sunlight, wind and rain, and alternating heat and cold. The bonding between glass and aluminum profiles can also be permanent, and can be done with a glue gun, glass, or horn scraping without leaving any marks.

Currently, curtain walls are receiving increasing attention. The main function of glass curtain walls is sealing and waterproofing, but glass curtain walls in the market will occupy a large share in terms of weather resistance, weather resistance, and acid resistance.

Glass and aluminum plates, glass, aluminum plates, and other materials.

Usually, glass is used for structural functional assembly, which can be directly bonded with aluminum to form a durable semi permanent exterior wall.

When the sealant worker is working on the equipment, he must pay attention to the completion of sealant application, and do not knock off oil, water, salt, algae, foam, and falling oil stains!

If you want to apply the glass tape, you can gently knock it off or reattach it. This helps to give the adhesive produced a beautiful and hard appearance.

There is an adhesive layer attached to the hose, and when bonding, use a tool to hold the adhesive layer to make it even and smooth, achieving excellent impact resistance.

Use silicone strips on the rubber hose to provide shock absorption at the hole of the hose. The weight of the hose to the reference of the hose is 1:1, which can simultaneously form a layer of frosting paste inside the hose hole, making the hose evenly distributed and thus functioning as a hose.

The original dimethyl silicone oil in the rubber hose is used for anti slip, vibration and shock absorption in commodity rooms, gift cabinets, gift cabinets, and other commodity rooms.

Due to the elasticity of the adhesive strip, the product has a long service life and provides good protection against support.




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