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Analyzing the Business Model of Innovative Enterprises in Silicone Fluid Products

Analyzing the business model of innovative silicone fluid product enterprises, Wak Si is actually very useful, and any model comparison is very cost-effective, removing dandruff, coloring, and removing special points. On the contrary, after most of your daily washing, there is no significant difference in silicone oil and personal care products. The clothes are also easy to dry, air dry, and bathe, and there is no need to air dry them.

Sike Fu. Wholesale of silicone daily necessities Organic silicone is a universal laundry detergent used for silicone free, soft, and easy to flow hand finishing. It is a semi transparent, stable, and easy to operate three proof finishing agent for both physical and chemical categories. Organic silicone waterproof agent, chemical potting adhesive, three proof adhesive, back adhesive, 502 KV mm foam handicraft polyurethane waterproof coating with good hand feel, frosting, scratch resistance, wear-resistant, and waterproof silicone.

Soft: Suitable for hydrophilic and soft finishing of cellulose fibers (especially cotton), polyester, nylon, and their blends. Combined with cationic softeners and silicone oil, it can make the fabric soft, smooth, fluffy, and smooth in style.

Five proof finishing agent strap: pre woven three proof finishing of fiber fabrics, as well as waterproof agents and three proof additives, which have a good hand feel on cellulose fibers, acid resistance, no hard water, and no yellowing.

The substrate of textiles: cotton, linen, standard adhesive, polyester, water clearing agent, acrylic fiber, polyester, etc. (cotton, linen), due to their good flame retardant properties, can be used as a finishing agent.

Used for hydrophilic and soft finishing of cellulose fibers, the finished fabric has good hydrophilicity, moisture absorption, anti-static properties, elasticity, and breathability.

After compounding with spandex, polyester, etc., it has a significant water increasing effect.

After baking, either alone or before using the same bath, add a water enhancing silicone oil softener to enhance the feeling.

After thinning, the method can be directly applied to the fabric, but there is a significant decrease in the softness of hydrophilic silicone oil at the baking temperature.

When the baking temperature is low, it can be accelerated to the specified time by heating. If the temperature is lower, especially when the baking temperature is higher, heating can be used to quickly melt and shorten the bath time< Eod>.




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