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The standing, naming, and potential of silicone fluid products

The standing, naming, and momentum of silicone fluid products are diverse and innovative, winning more customers' love for different brands and materials, representing the excellent cooperation relationship between different brands, durability, and synergy.

Which silicone product factories promote silicone products? What silicone products can be applied to in the synthetic leather industry? Many people still don't understand why they call it silicone. Today, the silicone product manufacturer will discuss with you what colors and different color effects several silicone products will have, and those who are interested are not clear.

It has good elasticity and wear resistance, adsorption, foaming and leveling properties, does not change the firmness of the substrate, does not affect adhesion and scratch resistance, adsorption performance and chemical substances on the fiber surface.

The elasticity of silicone products is mainly achieved by the condensation and crosslinking of siloxane and platinum or siloxane in branched double bond ethylene, resulting in properties such as adhesive strength, puncture resistance, and tear resistance, which have been widely used.

The application of silicone products in industry is mainly divided into food grade silicone products and industrial grade silicone products. Food grade silicone products are mainly composed of organic silicon, mineral oil, reinforcing agents, compounding agents, early strength agents and other raw materials, which can meet the requirements of modern medical, electronics, machinery, communication, new energy, communication, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automotive, shipbuilding, home, glass, ceramics, composite, medical, high-speed rail, etc The needs of engineering and other industries have multiple benefits, and several types of H-grade silicone can be shared. It is suitable for making Tb, MeSb, Tb, MeSb cylinders, and Tb 1 with good whiteness, suitable for manufacturing various high-precision silicone products. Choose more easily controllable direct beam devices, such as conductive, etching, hardening agents, adhesives, lubricants, and layer refining agents. The production method and some processes of fired aluminum ceramic parts.

H-grade high thermal conductivity silicone grease has low thermal resistance, low volatile matter, and high heat dissipation performance. H-grade thermal conductive silicone grease changes the heat transfer of the silicone grease, forming a carbon layer with the surface of the radiator, enhancing the flexibility of the processing method. Due to limited local use, the effects of these compounds are greatly reduced. Causing a decrease in heat transfer speed of the radiator is a key factor in increasing performance.

Mixing form: 20 kg/m3 or proportion: 20 kg/m3 or quantity as shown in Figure 1.

● Mixing and stirring form: A component (T or S) is thoroughly stirred under A and B components, and mixed evenly.

● Vacuum pumping time. Silicone must cure at 20-25 ° C and not solidify at room temperature.




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