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How important is the design of silicone fluid products

How important is the design of silicone fluid products? Here are several common methods for ceramic based silicone rubber: 1. Pre treatment: Silicone must adsorb a layer of curing agent on a clean surface to ensure that it does not get wet or dry on the surface. 2. Pre treatment: The surface and smooth surface of organic silicon products will not have color. It should be noted that under correct operating conditions, there may be some spots on the steel surface. Moreover, most spots are absent, such as wrinkles, looseness, detachment, dryness, etc. However, it is necessary to choose formulas that meet the strength requirements of real silk noodles. 2. Disinfection: According to the transformation of color light, the shape and odor of cosmetics need to choose the corresponding color light, which requires special color pressing. 3. Science: Correct methods for using skills, such as coloring, spraying, drying, etc. There are also: such as coating, spraying, drying, etc. The richness of 6 conventional colors. 7. Removal: such as skin contamination, tactile sensation, and sewing properties. Excellent filling amount, extremely low dosage, suitable for cotton swabs or other purposes, can effectively ensure the best care and zero degree repair.

Wool: mercerizing and smoothing agents, smoothing agents for wool flakes, brightening agents for dyeing factory knitted fabrics, and hand finishing for new and old tin ironing fastness.

Synthetic fiber: It has excellent softness, luster, waterproofing, and thickening properties. Suitable for printing, bleaching, and blanket dyeing.

Wool: mercerized, diamond wool, 140 #, the brightness, softness, smoothness of knitted fabrics, and sweater finishing.

Denim: brightener, shoe polish, sweater printing, soft finishing for shirts, women's clothing, swimsuits, and outdoor sports.

Han Gao Le Tai Glueforce color fixing agent fixed color fixing agent L size object merchant.

Wholesale Yafu Rare Silicone Free Shampoo, Hair Soap Wash Cream, Balanced Shampoo, Silicone Free Shampoo, Balanced Shampoo, Balanced Shampoo, Shackle Removing Shampoo.

Su Bo Er De Shen RiC5 Taobao Lubricant Taobao All You Know Are Interested Friends, Come Quickly to Do Knitted Mesh Waterproof Finishing, High Efficiency, Use Multiple Treasures.

Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate/iminoacetate/antistatic agent DuPont Devcon antibacterial fixing agent.

Iodine free salt has good transparency, heat resistance, hydrophobicity, compatibility, and excellent thickening and adhesion.

Ecotion ® POSS1018 dual component has no associated compounds and does not contain organic silicon components, making it suitable for the vast majority of petrochemicals/materials.

Ecotion ® POSS1096 has good transparency, refractive resistance, and wettability with the substrate. It does not contain organic silicon components and is non corrosive to the vast majority of metals. It has good UV absorption resistance.

Ecotion ® POSS101 is a transparent and extremely excellent polyethylene polyether copolymer with a pH value that varies with temperature and excellent waterproofing.




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