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Differences and application scope of different types of silicone resins

The differences and application ranges of different types of silicone resins are different. Below, we will take you to understand silicone wires.

The viscosity of silicone base rubber is based on the rubber room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber/12 olefin value. The commonly used temperature plasticized room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is used for the bonding of power amplifiers, transistors, electronic tubes, CPUs and other light-emitting devices.

Factors such as the viscosity of silicone raw materials and changes in high-temperature baking temperature can also cause the surface of silicone buttons to become sticky, which is harsh on the flame retardancy of various electrical appliances and is an important component of silicone products. Therefore, silicone products.

The types of silicone sealing rings can be divided into four categories. The difference between dry silicone and oily resin lies in the physical state of the sealing ring product. Dry silicone is generally not resistant to high temperatures. Ordinary ones used at high temperatures, such as transparent hot vulcanized silicone, will not stick at low temperatures, making them truly suitable for small-scale special grade related industries.

In response to the above issues, silicone companies should discuss how to meet the requirements of various sealing product materials and processes, and choose silicone to be suitable for a variety of different products, including seals with excellent adhesion and conductivity.

At present, the main type of silicone on the market is silicone, and you can understand everything else. When customizing silicone products, it is necessary to use silicone to control the adhesion between silicone and other materials.

Silicone rubber products have high bonding strength, high bonding strength, impact resistance, temperature resistance, porosity, multi hardness, and high compression deformation, and can be used as sealing and isolation agents, sealants, etc. At present, silicone has been widely used in other building envelopes.

Silicone products are becoming more and more widely used in the market, why is silicone rubber so what material? Next, let's take a look at the characteristics of silicone products.

It has high toughness and impact resistance, mainly used to improve the strength, hardness, and impact resistance of silicone products. And it endows silicone products with high transparency, good safety, good electrical properties, stability, and easy operation.

In the silicone industry, silicone has been widely used in aviation, cutting-edge technology, military technology, knitting, plastics, petroleum, emerging military, medical and other fields. In the field of food industry, silicone has fully utilized its excellent performance and advanced medical device product characteristics to help you better use it.

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