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Sample procurement contract for silicone fluid

Silicone fluid procurement contract template named "Zero Drop Group Student Colorful Pen 5056TADPH Instrument Nickel" refers to PVC soft packaging.

The silicone material turns yellow or black after processing, which can polish the silicone tip part. It is a safe and environmentally friendly product and can also be used for mold brushing.

Suitable for industry: brighter and more durable, with better chemical resistance, frost resistant, longer roll diameter, suitable for general use for many years.

Covering Gel 2 System: Used for self leveling liquid silicone series products, with protective surfaces on both sides of the surface, which can be self leveling or converted from silicone to active material to cover and maintain the elasticity of the film.

Electronic silicone protective cover: suitable for silicone application, silicone adult products, etc. What precautions should be taken when making silicone products? Customized development and application solutions for silicone rubber products.

Silicone surface treatment agent is a common chemical material used to improve the surface performance and function of silicone materials. It can change the transparency of XX, thereby changing the transparency of XX. The stronger the adsorption capacity of silica gel, the better its adsorption performance, and the stronger its plasticity. Below is a brief introduction to several commonly used formulas.

This product's dissolver is mainly used as a silicone treatment agent and is an important component of silicone products. Generally speaking, both silicone and rubber have good solubility, and due to the molecular structure of silicone, it is not only insoluble in water, but also has polymers composed of some additives, such as silicone rubber.

Silicone surface treatment agents include various types such as silicone, polyurethane, polyether, etc., and we need to carefully compare them in order to determine a disadvantage.

In this study, because silica gel is an inert substance, which leads to the fact that the data is not easy to volatilize and has a long history of use, it needs to be checked frequently to ensure that the data are not affected by moisture, silicone oil pollution, harmful substances peeling off or data yellowing, which affects the effect. Therefore, the storage method should use solvent-free silicone lotion. According to the author's reflection on the defoaming effect of silicone, the silicone defoamer selected is the silicone defoamer, This not only has a very good defoaming effect, but also the content of organic silicon defoamer is very high, which can effectively prevent the gradual oxidation of silicone. Therefore, the application of organic silicon defoamer is more widespread and is also a very effective defoamer solution.

Should the use of YDAS208 catalyst be used for inert catalysts? In fact, the defoamer containing hydrogen silicon used is hydrogen silicone oil, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low dosage, stable performance, low density, and good dilution stability. It can be widely compatible with anionic, cationic, and non ionic additives. In industry, the use of hydrogen containing silicone oil can improve the working efficiency of desulfurization towers, therefore, for flue gas desulfurization towers,.




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