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Precautions for exporting silicone emulsion goods

Precautions for exporting silicone emulsion goods.

Silicone foam double-sided adhesive has different softness. What kind of softener is used as a finishing agent for fiber fabrics during the production of soft silicone products, which effectively endows the fabric with excellent softness.

Anti static silicone products endow fabrics with softness, firmness, moisture absorption, and sweat wicking properties, which prevent silicone products from being modified.

Cold resistant silicone cable special silicone, composed of silicone cable and vulcanizing agent, with good physical and chemical indicators. After vulcanization, it can be stored at -60 ° C~260 ° C for one year, and has excellent cold resistance. Cold resistant silicone cable special silicone, with good radiation performance and good insulation performance.

When installing silicone cage, there are different damages that can be ignored compared to silicone cables. The following are some common questions, please be patient and pay attention to them.

If silicone is a steel wire rope, its elasticity will decrease significantly, resulting in not only poor wear resistance, but also fracturing and injuring the pitted surface. Therefore, when installed on the hanging basket, conductive silicone grease can reduce the viscosity of the adsorption module. If it is double-sided adhesive, due to uneven layers and conductivity, it is easy to cause electromagnetic interference and affect the electromagnetic interference situation.

If it is metal steel or plastic, it is easy to conduct electricity. Moreover, coated with metal or plastic itself, conductive silicone grease has excellent conductivity.

The common conductive silicone grease is generally a type of plastic. When choosing, we must carefully consider the performance and characteristics of various fillers. It can be said that this will be a very important thing.

Above, let's take a look at the range of use of electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are an important component of electric toothbrushes, so they play a very important role in the range of use of electric toothbrushes.

The use range of electric toothbrushes is very wide, and the function of electric toothbrushes is mainly applicable to the internal and external bonding of electric toothbrushes. Below, electric toothbrushes need to apply different thicknesses of protective film and end tips.

The electric toothbrush needs to be applied to a frequency converter, which directly drives the motor. Therefore, the application amount of the frequency converter needs to be determined based on the specific situation.

The electric toothbrush needs to be coated with rubber and fabric from the frequency converter, driving the motor. These colloidal polysiloxanes have a high oxygen consumption, and due to specific dynamic requirements, the impact of the amount of frequency converter on the final product performance will depend on the formula of the motor's frequency converter.

The electric toothbrush should be coated with ordinary silicone grease. If silicone grease is scarce, it can be considered to adjust the speed, speed, and storage time. If the heat dissipation paste is used for a long time, it will waste energy, so it is necessary to replace ordinary silicone grease with thermal conductive paste when cleaning.

MP0700 is a kind of environment-friendly sulfur compound specially developed and produced to produce silicone free sulfur compounds. Because it contains organic silicon and a variety of metal oxides, it can form silicone gel after freezing with water and ethanol, so it can play a particularly effective role. At the same time, MP0700 is also used in environments below -20 degrees Celsius, such as applications in low temperature environments.




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