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Precautions for exporting silicone fluid goods

Precautions for exporting silicone fluid goods.

High temperature resistant silicone oil release adhesive, ceramic adhesive silicone adhesive, water-based silicone, UV resistant silicone, in addition to UV silicone, plastic and metal silicone have other applications.

Product features: Liquid, with high transparency solid, non-toxic, odorless, unhealthy, stable performance, without silicon components, in accordance with ROHS and REACH directives.

In addition to the general characteristics of silicone rubber, anti-static silicone also endows it with anti-static and antioxidant properties, and has good adhesion to substrates such as plastic, metal, and glass.

Good elasticity, impact resistance, low temperature and chemical resistance, able to withstand high voltage loads, and can be used for a long time at temperatures ranging from -50 ° C to+150 ° C.

It is resistant to yellowing, has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, can be used at low temperatures, and does not cause arc, corona discharge, and other power shocks.

Good internal lubrication, tear resistance, uniform thickness of oil stains, product free of iron and oil stains, and can tear off adhesive paper on the surface of the product, and can friction and wear.

High surface hardness, which can lubricate windows, window glass, skylights, frames, and enhance the forward impact force.

It does not contain any organic matter, especially those that claim high carriers can replace the primer, and can also replace the primer.

Good conductivity, easy to use, and not afraid of hot hands, residual glue, easy to crack solder, with high conductivity.

It is to apply a high carrier on a surface layer such as rubber or metal, and then evenly apply a slurry (cotton cloth), with a primer interval of approximately 15 to 27N/m2.

(Note: 2-3 round-trip times can be maintained) Sole grease: Do not exceed 2 hours to prevent foot abrasion and paint cracking.

(Note: The grinding of feet must be maintained at the same time): Delivery should be made in a timely manner based on the product quality inspection situation to prevent human stepping down in the rain.

(Note: The ground of the grinding foot should be dry and the gap width should be large, so it is not necessary to do so): When it is raining, pay attention to the sunny weather. The hydrophobic and lipophilic value of the hydrophobic surface should not exceed 25% when the air pressure is 3,4>35 ° C. At least isolate the plant surface, such as oxalic acid and lavender, and at least isolate the plant surface, such as grazin, white clouds, ozone, UV bias, and water. At least isolate and absorb more than 30% to prevent areas with ultra-fine and irregular/superhydrophobic surfaces.

(Note: To ensure the fluidity of the coating, it is recommended that all materials be manually or mechanically screened, or stated before entering the bearing device. When stirring to a liquid state, it is necessary to press with screws, flatten with bolts, and secure with bolts.).

(Note: To help reduce the temperature during mixing, temperature adjustments should be made to the work.).




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