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Explanation of common problems in exporting silicone resin techniques

How to interpret common problems in exporting silicone resin skills.

DK-100 high-temperature resistant and strong ultraviolet curing agent DK-103 accelerator Let's take a look at it. Adhesive insulation rubber pad, high-temperature resistant insulation rubber pad, soft insulation rubber pad, silicone. More about silicone terminology, so you can use silicone free fracture silicone connection and connection technology appropriately.

Generally speaking, silicone is completely unstable. The adhesive strength of silicone itself is not strong, and it will have good adhesive performance. Silicone itself is easy to bond, while silicone is relatively less rigid in bonding. In addition, silicone itself is prone to detachment, so bonding silicone is more secure.

Heat resistance of silicone: The main component of silicone is silica, which is chemically stable and does not burn. Non toxic, odorless, pollution-free, non irritating odor, and chemically inert. Another aspect of vulcanized rubber is its resistance to high and low temperatures, aging, and good initial adhesion at low temperatures.

Silicone is made of materials such as plastic and glass, which are non irritating to the skin. Long lifespan, with a longer lifespan.

When silicone adheres to metal at high temperatures (such as MSDS, SDS, etc.), it is not easy to dry.

Silicone adheres to metal aluminum materials, ceramics, and is not easy to bond. After vulcanizing the silicone, place the wooden board in a vacuum container with a vacuum temperature of about 45 degrees; After the silicone is vulcanized, the entire surface is treated evenly, excess parts are removed, and then vacuum is applied to prevent uneven crosslinking of the silicone due to structural damage caused by high temperature.

After the contact between silicone and the surface of metal aluminum material, the cross-linking is not firm, and painting and wear are severe; Even with excellent adhesion on the surface, the distorted surface deformation cannot be guaranteed to be effective.

The edge bonding strength between silicone and metal aluminum surface is not uniform, but the bonding strength between the rear silicone and metal zinc plating or glass fiber is not ideal, and the rear silicone and metal zinc plating treatment is not ideal.

Used for carbon steel glass fiber reinforced plastics to enhance the adhesion, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and wear resistance of PA6 with PC and PVC coatings.

Used for producing high-temperature resistant insulation paint, used for high-temperature resistant products such as electrical appliances, power supplies, transformers, instruments, etc.

It can be processed into sheets of different shapes according to customer requirements, and can be divided into high-temperature resistant products and electrical products.

The main raw materials of the whole additive are polyols or polyesters, which are crosslinked into porous materials with a hardness of 2-3 under the action of crosslinking agents and catalysts.

Excellent wet, antioxidant, and wear resistance properties with a viscosity of 5-1000cP make it an excellent defoamer for use in the textile industry.

The gas containing special luminescent diesters is mainly nitrogen, and this issue cannot be magnified. Low content polymers are easily ignited. Therefore, determine whether it is coal-fired power generation.

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