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Please go through formal channels for exporting silicone emulsions

Export silicone emulsions through legitimate channels, follow the steps, and respect rationality!

Professional knowledge of silicone products, engaged in silicone parts, changing the overall silicone product, and adjusting the properties of silicone collagen materials.

Manufacturing silicone molds, selecting suitable silicone mold products. If you want to adjust the vulcanization temperature, you can add a higher cross-linking density (not exceeding 50 ° C) and use a hardness of -45A degrees in addition to the formed bucket packaging.

Suitable for silicone parts, protecting them from silicone contamination and reducing the occurrence of high-temperature corrosion.

Manufacturing silicone molds to improve their fluidity, prevent hardness deterioration, and maintain mold integrity. The thicker compression rate of ordinary silicone parts is suitable for designing products of different sizes.

Manual and fast server, extremely convenient to operate, with two hours of fast automatic oscillation response. The process of selecting products, recording them in real-time, and achieving appropriate product usage results as soon as possible.

High speed molding or server use, extremely convenient for operation, can directly follow the pattern pattern 1:2 to 10.

Underwater adhesive backing, with a focus on quick color adjustment of two products to prevent patterns from appearing as barriers.

Mold silicone products, liquid silicone products, food grade silicone products, shoe mold silicone products, plastic sports equipment, silicone foot pads, sealing rings, etc.

Silicone for human body, silicone products for children's educational toys, adult products for children, shoulder pads, silicone bags, anti slip pads, poms food molding molds, etc.

The hardness of silicone can be achieved using a 40-50ml plastic tube. The silicone joint should have a food grade 2mm thickness and be in contact with the aluminum frame. If there is any movement, the coating does not need to open the vent.

High transparency, good temperature resistance, strong adaptability to high hardness range, suitable for use in children's kitchen products.

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