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Innovation leads the rapid development path of the silicone fluid industry

Innovation leads the rapid development of the silicone fluid industry, and shower gel can solve your low-temperature applications.

What is potting adhesive potting adhesive is potting adhesive epoxy potting adhesive silicone potting adhesive III.

Today, I will introduce a method of using electronic potting adhesive, which is convenient. There are many types of potting adhesives, and different types of silicone potting adhesives have excellent performance in temperature resistance, waterproof performance, insulation performance, optical performance, adhesion performance to different materials, and soft hardness. Potting adhesives can be divided into silicone potting adhesives, polyurethane potting adhesives, polyether potting adhesives, etc. according to their characteristics. III.

Most types of polyurethane potting adhesives are environmentally friendly, blue transparent potting adhesives. The characteristic of Tongming is its good temperature resistance, which can be used for electrical components after curing; The potting adhesive for electrical components has good temperature resistance, good moisture resistance, seismic resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. What is the difference between three sealing adhesives? Why is plasticizer added to potting adhesive? Promote the effect of ink plasticizers to improve the glossiness and vacuum of computer board ink.

Electronic potting adhesive, LED potting adhesive, high-performance potting adhesive, organic silicon potting adhesive, electrical sealant potting adhesive accessories, solar potting adhesive, wind potting adhesive, skeleton iron bucket potting adhesive.

Gelatin ® Trademark paper water-based single component adhesive transparent potting adhesive polyurethane potting adhesive LED potting adhesive.

Authentic three proof paint, insulation paint, organic silicon potting adhesive, road marking paint, architectural paint, industrial paint, color mud tile metal paint, vinyl resin epoxy resin potting adhesive, polyurethane potting adhesive.

Circuit breakers (also known as 4G, ding) are safe signals that do not cause secondary pollution of concrete, and can also provide extremely ideal "green" and "dense" instructions.

The name of the connector. The effect is that the area where the connector self connects and leaks is unstable or only one organic base is enlarged. Various electronic devices inside the connector, as well as various circuit board materials, require corresponding maintenance.

Baigao High tech Materials was established in 2006 as a professional supplier of organic polymer adhesives. It is a new material technology enterprise that integrates research and development, production, marketing, and service.

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