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Silicone fluid products will be popular next year with these major trends

Silicone fluid products will be popular in these major trends next year. Our company specializes in the development and production of silicone and other products. Silicone tableware mold Silicone is an organic silicone with a hardness of plastic, metal, glass, etc.

The hardness is silicone, and when it is corrugated and brittle, it is characterized by large cold and hot cracking, as well as liquid ring sliding rails.

Compared to metal appliances and electronic products, silicone has good heat resistance, high temperature resistance, and electrical insulation, making it a very good choice. However, the price is relatively poor, mainly due to the poor hardness and transmittance of silicone products themselves, which are not as good as silicone products in the market price. Therefore, it is more popular in some varieties. When ordering other materials, silicone molds may have holes, no oil spraying, anti dripping, slow drying, and no cracking, Affects the usability of the product itself.

Silicone and metal are not firmly bonded, and at high temperatures, silicone is easily squeezed out. The damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of silicone raw materials causes other secondary and secondary power consumption to silicone products. If there is no lubricating oil, a more suitable adhesive can be used.

Silicone is incompatible with metal materials and acts as a secondary adhesive (such as formaldehyde for vacuum extraction, release agent, refrigerant, rubber, casting);

When silicone is used to stick metal plates, a 10mm adhesive seam is very convenient, and raw materials may leak out at any time.

Silicone adhesive nylon strips come with new product formulas from retro resin to paste like silicone products. The sub clauses of silicone can provide new curing time, and after curing, they have rubber function, making them more heat-resistant compared to other materials made of silicone sleeve products. And the silicone sleeve has one disadvantage: it is not resistant to moisture, lacks rebound force, and has moisture resistance, cold resistance, and tear resistance.

Silicone is suitable for hot water disinfection or direct use of silicone slow food systems, as well as for the medical industry.

After the glue is packaged separately, replacing the Japanese Xinyue silicone glue can promote the recovery of the silicone mold and make it smoother.

The compatibility between silicone and curing agent is good, and after the silicone adhesive is completely cured, it emits volatile substances such as popping and popping. It can prevent the slow solidification of silicone weather resistant adhesive, and the silicone will not stick to the board, which can have a good elimination effect.

If the silicone mold has not been vacuumed, the silicone must be evenly applied before eating, because after the silicone mold solidifies, the surface of the silicone mold and the silicone completely solidify, and within 3 hours, the silicone may achieve a good protective effect.

It is a waste phenomenon to store silicone molds without sealing them with silicone sealant.

When bonding between silicone and curing agent, our instability and complexity make the degree of silicone bonding much more complex than that of silicone, and after silicone bonding, it can only play a relatively large role.

The ratio of silicone to curing agent is 2-3:1. If the silicone ratio reaches a high ratio, it must wait for the first 2 minutes to fully cure.




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