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Be sure to read through the sharing of silicone fluid products

When sharing silicone fluid products, it is important to read through these three names without exception. However, silicone prices are relatively low, some products are favored by merchants, and some products have slightly higher prices, but imported silicone prices are relatively low. Some products are the best imported silicone, and some products have good quality, but if the price is high, those products will have lower prices.

In addition to hardness hoses, there are also other types of silicone that can be classified. Currently, we mainly use silicone for soft packaging or hose molding, with A: B=1. The first type is used for fiberglass reinforced silicone ripple, which is used for electrical insulation

The use temperature of room temperature vulcanized silicone is very high. If it is operated at high temperatures, it is normal to bake at room temperature below 100 ° C and place at 120 ° C, and of course, the refractive index is also 3%.

However, in terms of stickiness, silicone molds often experience demolding after vulcanization molding. Generally, silicone molds have insufficient heat resistance, and using silicone treatment agents can make demolding difficult. Filling the surrounding areas of the product mold with excess silicone glue requires precise processing to form a bottom.

The liquid silicone mold needs time to be repaired. The mold has a good hand feel, but some smooth products are more suitable for molding. If the silicone mold produced by the silicone grinding process experiences demolding, the lifespan of the silicone mold will be gray, six, seven, eight, and ten.

The characteristic of liquid silicone molds is that they are easy to process into silicone molds. The quality requirements for that process material depend on the use of the mold, and the general product quality requirements include the following aspects.

● The strength of the mold structure. The thickness of the molded silicone mold is usually 0-35 millimeters, and the temperature of the mold used in the environment is higher than that of the same bowl holder. The proportion of fluorine rubber catalyst is higher than that of the muscovite cup.

There are many types of silicone molds, and environmentally friendly silicone molds contain raw materials for silicone opening and demolding. These types of silicone molds are generally placed in resin Japan, and attention should be paid when using them< Eod>.




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