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Spring has arrived for silicone fluid products

The spring of silicone fluid products has arrived, why use silk screen patterns? The irregular silk screen pattern has needle tips, patterns, and patterns. However, the leading product of the customer is still relatively old and astringent, so it is necessary to use a knife to make a good silk screen pattern. According to the typesetting textbook, the role it plays is a silk screen pattern. And what about the white silk screen pattern? Below, I will teach you how to use silk screen patterns with silk screen textures. Then, remove the material from the silk screen, scrub with gauze, and finally scrub with gauze. This detail is related to the effectiveness of the product's use. Generally, silk screen printing is done by wire printing, which can be repeated several times. If you find that the silk screen pattern is good, please contact customer service Luo Weike.

The border and structure of screen printing ink require industry self supervision. Therefore, the general supervision requirement of screen printing ink factories is to layer by layer turn the ink into purple and screen it well, while applying a coating. Sometimes, it is necessary to apply a small coating and mark the color while applying. You can choose good silk printing ink,

If you are unable to obtain self supervised testing in the industry, or if your abilities cannot be used by customers, sales will be subject to strict and down-to-earth criticism from the industry.

The widely used organic silicon industry chain in the industry, especially in international markets such as consumer electronics, automobiles, 5G communication, and smart cards.

Both the adhesive and substrate surfaces carry residual electrons to form a charged double layer. The interaction of these electrons can also improve adhesion. The electrostatic force mainly comes from the dispersion and interaction forces generated by dipoles (one positively charged region of a molecule and another negatively charged region). The attraction between induced dipoles is called dispersion force or London force, which is a type of van der Waals force (intermolecular force). When the distance between adhesive molecules and substrate molecules exceeds 05 nanometers (5 angstroms), the influence of these forces will be significantly reduced. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that a certain amount of pressure is used to make the adhesive and substrate in close contact with the pressure roller.

Silicone adhesive has no distinction between good and bad, and its performance corresponds to its price. Secondly, having stability and sufficient quantity is a test for manufacturers. If the capacity of silicone sealant is less than the indicated capacity (note: it is the capacity. The situation with sealant is very serious), this type of sealant should be eliminated first. There is a problem with the business mindset of this type of business, and the products are not much better. If the dosage is large, it is necessary to consider the production stability of silicone adhesive.

8377S single component silicone elastomer, room temperature curing type, thixotropic adhesive and sealing material.

The silicone rubber elastomer formed after aging can withstand prolonged repeated tensile compression and has good weather and temperature resistance.

200L release film, packaged in plastic lined iron drums, net weight 25kg. Store in a cool place for a storage period of 12 months.

Squares: 160 ° C 90 ° C 75 ° C Steam 18 or higher 500 (400 ° C 01 to 12 5 depth).




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