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Silicone fluid product innovation and sharp changes, endless progress

Silicone fluid products are constantly evolving with innovation and innovation, bringing everyone's confidence.

Silicone daily necessities manufacturers produce wholesale silicone daily necessities. Let me have a feel. The price of silicone daily necessities is half that of today's customers!

The price of silicone daily necessities has risen again, which is a good signal and is currently popular in the domestic market!

Liquid silicone has great value. In 200 years, it has become a silicone OEM factory, with over 300 customers passing website anti-skid testing and excellent cases. For more than ten years, it has been specializing in the research and development, production, and technical service of silicone products in the silicone home lighting industry.

Stable, one of the top ten silicone brands, with a growth rate of 381 in 2030. After maintenance, the quality still improved.

Data shows that in 2022, the prices of silicone daily necessities in Dongguan will start in 2019, and the prices of silicone daily necessities will not be available even in 2019. There is no need to contact Guoxin brand's silicone electronic products, and the quality of the box is relatively high.

The core material of silicone: silicone cementitious material mud 65 silicone molding, normal curing at room temperature; After freezing, the silicone jelly has excellent electrical insulation performance, with a resistance to high and low temperatures of ≥ 200 ° C and an instantaneous temperature of 850 ° C.

With the progress of the times and the pace of material updates, many new materials have emerged in silicone manufacturing, such as automobiles, electronic products, aerospace, building cleaning, furniture, floor wax, food products, medical equipment, and so on.

Our thermal conductive silicone sheet product itself has radiation properties, which can provide excellent insulation and low thermal impedance, effectively preventing the flow and flow of the surface at high temperatures; If working at high temperatures for a long time or at extremely high temperatures, it is not easy to damage customer products;

Our thermal conductive silicone sheet product itself has radiation properties. If it works at high temperatures for a long time, some heat conduction methods need to be used to help dissipate heat. This method is due to the high-quality thermal conductive silicone sheet, which meets UL certification for flame retardancy, and some new silicone sheets are specifically designed and produced to transfer heat through gaps, effectively filling the heat dissipation gaps and achieving significant heat dissipation effects.

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