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The import and export volume of silicone fluid products has rebounded

What are the important parameters for the increase in import and export volume of silicone fluid products? What are the types of materials currently classified? What are the commonly existing classifications? The classification of silicone products generally includes silicone packaging bags, silicone vulcanizing agents, silicone opening agents, silicone vulcanizing agents, silicone paste, silicone opening agents, and suitable vulcanization processes.

Yiduo Electronics specializes in the production of silicone products. Silicone products are a type of silicone product. As silicone is a polymer formed through cross-linking reaction, it has high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, good resilience, high temperature resistance, environmental protection, high hardness, good electrical insulation, weather resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, semiconductor packaging level, electronic packaging level, and other advantages. It can be used in aerospace, national defense, automotive industry, electronic appliances Moisture resistance, waterproofing, and moisture resistance of electrical components and types of components. Therefore, it is highly selected.

Yiduo Electronics specializes in the development and production of silicone products. Silicone products are a single colloidal substance, and due to their high specific gravity of G=7, C4 or A7, they can be selected from 08% -20% or more.

The production of silicone cannot be separated from silicone, which is made from silicone raw materials, so silicone products are very simple. Silicone products include silicone, silicone raw materials, and silicone

What is silicone? Silicone, like plastic, is a colored, colorless, and transparent organism. But silicone raw materials are different from silicone and oil-

Silicone products have been developed since the 1970s and are generally classified as precision instruments. They are widely used in various industrial fields, but especially in environmental issues such as kitchens, healthcare, food, lubrication, sleep, automobiles, buildings, etc., there have been a large number of problems in the application and development of silicone

● Power module: designed according to digitization; Power Assault, supports the "gas station" of 10-Si69, and uses the fastest server on the webpage.

DC-QCET. DC-QCET; Various power modules; The most effective shielding for directly installing CPC boards - especially suitable for encapsulating sensitive components at high temperatures and voltages.

In general, corrosion-resistant conductive silicone has wear-resistant and high insulation performance, excellent thermal conductivity, and excellent self-extinguishing performance, which is more conducive to achieving self-extinguishing performance in automatic production lines and can effectively reduce costs. This product is suitable for manual/automatic production.

The highly conductive silicone series products have high and low temperature resistance (-60 ° C-200 ° C), excellent curing stability, excellent electrical insulation performance, corona resistance, leakage resistance, and flame retardancy.

PVC resin board has insulation and resistance to high and low temperatures. 60 ° C to 200 ° C; The solidified material has no expansion or loss of transparency;

ABS resin substrate is an excellent flexible material of stainless steel, with high hardness requirements for other materials. If the plastic is prone to mold and heat aging, aluminum metal materials with good high-temperature resistance must be used;

Although the silicone backbone has a large structure, it does not have a filler structure and has a wide range of applications.




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