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Classification and Introduction of Silicone Emulsion Containers

Regarding the classification and introduction of silicone emulsion containers, with this soft adhesive structure technology, you can easily organize silicone products that are different from traditional ones.

The deeper the adsorption of silicone, the better its adsorption, so the better its adsorption performance. Do you know the adsorption performance of silicone? The classrooms below are easy to absorb and leak proof.

In addition to its excellent performance, silicone also has many characteristics that other similar materials are difficult to replace. It is mainly used in engineering plastics, special rubber, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and other silicone products. Do you know the characteristics of silicone?

Due to its excellent physical properties during vulcanization, silicone can be used at higher temperatures. Therefore, its application range is very wide.

Silicone has good defoaming function at high temperatures in textiles, but its disadvantage is that its quality is easily adsorbed by active substances and is not used properly.

Due to the special application environment and complex characteristics of silicone in textile at high temperatures, the loosening and detachment caused by high-temperature gas erosion cannot be removed in a timely manner. Therefore, the use of high-temperature defoamers is becoming increasingly common.

Silicone tubing is a normal phenomenon due to its chemical characteristics of loosening and detachment during textile high temperatures.

At present, the common local silicone gel mainly includes polyether silicone, organic silicone defoamer, acetal silicone, and so on. Polyether silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with good high-temperature resistance, electrical insulation, and chemical stability. Adopting advanced condensation technology, not only can it function in harsh environments, but it can also be applied under more demanding conditions.

Latex heat shrink tubing is made for solid films caused by vulcanized rubber. AB latex is uniform, and the mold contains 316 # vacuum absorber to produce elastomer, also known as heat shrink protector. Generally hand molded, mainly used for materials such as PE, epoxy, polyurethane, N, PBT, EVA film, etc. Due to the widespread presence of rubber products, the production cost is low and they are highly praised by customers.

Nylon cloth sheath polyester fiber sleeve, also known as nylon cloth sleeve, is made of polyester fiber yarn woven. It has the characteristics of smooth surface, strong tensile resistance, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion, anti wear and noise reduction, moisture absorption and dust prevention. Nylon fabric sleeves are compared to polyester.

Product Name: Red fireproof and heat-resistant sleeve is made of high-purity alkali free glass fiber woven into a tube, and then coated with organic silicone on the outer wall of the tube for vulcanization treatment. After vulcanization, it can reach a temperature of -65C-260C.

Glass fiber tube (also known as silicon tube, self-extinguishing tube, or silicone tube) is a commonly used insulation protective sleeve for motors, electrical appliances, and other purposes. It is divided into inner fiber outer silicone tube and inner fiber outer silicone tube, with common withstand voltage levels of 1500V, 2500V, and 4000V.

High temperature casing is a type of tubing protection casing, which is a new product that replaces traditional metal springs for rubber tube protection. As a protective sleeve for oil pipes, fire-resistant sleeves have the same wear resistance as traditional metal spring protection products.

The Y series motor is a general purpose fully enclosed self fan cooled squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor.




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