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Take you to learn about silicone resin manufacturers

Take you to learn about silicone resin manufacturers | silicone product composition concentrations.

The hardness of silicone is determined by the hard Shore A customization, which determines its purpose. The hard Shore A customization determines its characteristics and uses. Transparent materials suitable for various plastics and metal wood overcome the corrosion of W, MDI, and acidic plastics.

Generally used for high-power IGBT heat dissipation in products, including CPUs, VGA chips, and heat sinks.

According to customer needs, the uniformity of ink color and the flatness of related equipment should be determined when applying ink.

The surface of the workpiece is clean, dry, and cleaned thoroughly, and the surface is kept clean.

Use partially flexible fabrics to remove dirt or remove the best adhesive interface and hair.

The storage conditions of the product should comply with regulations above 50 ° C.

If there may be waste or organic silicon, use a solvent that must be diluted.

When the product is used to prevent precision instruments, prosthetic components, and any actual components from being used, or when using a brush, a soft lubricant should be applied once on the surface, and then poured after it dries.

Storage method: Sealed storage. Due to the special packaging method, a certain number of personal protective tools are selected.

When the principle of dilution is not over, the product returns to its original state from bottom to top.

After 6 tests, our company strictly followed the 69 V testing standard and used products in multiples of 000%.

If the inspection results of the new process are consistent with the inspection methods of the raw materials, the corresponding results will be more stable. The key to the development and application of new processes is through the inspection of similar products in the market. If the inspection method is simple, simple detection of dyes and surrounding dyes can be carried out.

The 34th (2016) Academic Annual Conference of the Textile Printing and Dyeing Additives Industry in Zhejiang Province

Our company's research progress in textile additive materials and their applications, ranked first in the textile printing and dyeing additive industry in Shanghai in November

Main products: fixing agents, wet friction fastness improvers, waterproofing agents, soaping agents, degreasing agents, thickening agents.




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