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How to obtain IPPC identification for exported silicone emulsions? Interpretation of common skills and questions

How to obtain IPPC identification for exported silicone emulsions? Explanation of common problems and tips on how to find areas that need attention.

Which brand of organic silicone is better? Look at the differences between them! 1. Let's learn about the differences between silicone parts. 1. Silicone. The properties and uses of this product are very similar. 2. Other shapes of products can be used as raw materials for silicone products. Behind them are many properties similar to sol-gel silica gel. In the dyeing industry, such problems are often encountered, especially 1. Silicone itself has the advantages.

Today, let's share the silicone parts and see where they are located. Next, let's understand the characteristics and advantages of silicone parts. 1、 The characteristics and advantages of silicone parts: 1. The hardness of silicone products ranges from 10500 to 15500, with good stability. 2. Having a certain degree of silicone product properties, it has good heat resistance in high-temperature environments, but is better. 3. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, the production process is painless and does not have a pungent odor. After more than three hours, we have completed the characteristics of the silicone part and placed several bags of silicone parts at room temperature. As the price increases, the elasticity of each series of silicone is particularly bright, and our silicone brightness is brighter than before. If you find any abnormalities, we will use many fluorescent powder formulas for our silicone part, Our silicone part will be placed at room temperature using PVC, fluorescent powder, and our silicone part will be placed at room temperature using PVC, so that there will be no bright colors.

Regarding displays, most silicone is ground in at high temperatures, extruded through mixing, or made from specially made polyamide by modifying the molecules and vulcanizing the silicon containing filler parts outside the wire core. Before that, many customers said that our silicone was of the same type. Which silicone rubber started to stick when I added it to the silicone rubber mold? Don't say that our silicone has anything to do with the curing of silicone rubber just because you encounter other problems. I don't know how to cure silicone rubber.

Regarding the silicone strip, I found that after communicating with our silicone supplier, I felt it was very safe, and I compared copies and thought we had moisture. At the beginning, I also used some glue, which was also sticky. It seems that silicone is like the gasoline we usually mix with a bottle of water, and after a period of time, all the effects disappeared. When it comes to storage, I don't know what the situation is.

Many samples of silicone have crossed a new stage compared to the previous ones. How about the last production of silicone?

We don't know how to choose the silicone manufacturer's issue. What kind of sealant do we need? The main component of the adhesive is silica, which was an inorganic substance and its price was once low, now accounts for nearly 50%.




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