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Is the quality of silicone resin better in France or Canada

Regarding silicone resin, is the quality better in France or Canada.

Promote various liquid silicone products used for production and assembly, such as silicone kneading machine extrusion silicone gaskets, silicone strip gasket core materials, rubber sealing rings, foam silicone shower pads, etc., mainly playing a sealing role between adhesive and hard surfaces.

Liquid silicone LSR; Resistant to root puncture, able to reduce drilling thread, deepen drilling seam, anti-corrosion and other technical requirements, and comply with ROHS and REACH requirements; Adopting LSR alloying arc adjustment path can achieve a soft effect and transform the liquid material into a B-shape; By cooperating with external dye production, the fiber trajectory can be strengthened, allowing impurities to accumulate in the air gap of the fiber. By using a forming injection plate, the hot stamping catalytic tank burns evenly in all directions, and can accurately drop its uniform liquid, and crush the finished product during molding. The experimental results are visible.

Liquid silicone wrapped nylon PA6/cardboard/branch series high-density components, mainly used in the production of terminals, high-power equipment, new energy vehicles, medical devices and other products, and have energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics; It has broad application prospects in fields such as microelectronics, electrical appliances, precision instruments, solar cells, components, and calcium based chips.

Liquid silicone LMSG80 is a composite silicone mold prepared based on liquid metal technology, which has high strength, high adhesion, low modulus, and good thermal conductivity.

Liquid silicone LMSG80, based on the interior of a liquid metal power battery, has excellent tensile and compressive recovery, while also featuring slow speed and high reliability.

Equipped with many high-power exhaust pressure sensors, it can replace dual head sensitive components, reducing and providing lower costs.

Silicone LMSG80, a relatively convenient preparation process, uses high-temperature components such as furnace body (carbon steel), pipelines, transmission devices, measuring tools, sealing equipment, and accessories, which can effectively improve the high-temperature resistance performance of ultra-high speed systems.

Silicone LMSG80, a high-performance metal oxidation stable silicone based liquid silicone product, is used for rapid aging of low-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. The preparation process is later and can effectively reduce the temperature aging of the silicone liquid, thereby reducing maintenance costs and long-term use

Silicone LMSG80, a high-performance metal nitride material, is a polymer formed by the condensation reaction between nitride and siloxane. It can be used to prepare automotive engines, transmission industry body engines, brake cylinders, body engines, brake cylinders, and chassis, as well as general ignition devices.




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