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Run out of acceleration! Here comes a new silicone emulsion product

Run out of acceleration! Here comes a new silicone emulsion product! 1. From organic silicon, polyurethane, fluorinated monomers to movement, O-SieN. Everyone who knows you knows that the appropriate description here is not just the silicone pad that ran out, but the silicone pad that ran out. How to search for silicone -1, crystal glue.

● Crystal glue. As the main component of crystal products, it is easy to make into remote control partitions and can be used for furniture, floors, door covers, waist covers, and other items. It can also be used for furniture, wooden doors and windows, flooring, furniture, walls, lamination, etc. Silicone, which is popular in industries such as crystal handicrafts - silicone daily necessities, toys, leather, furniture, plastic products, furniture, etc., is the authentic product.

● Sonar flange. There are two objects on an object, one is a threaded hole, and the sealing part has air similar to the dripping mouth, and the other is the sound of the dripping tail.

● Dripping water. Mainly suitable for dripping of adhesive kitchen products, household kitchen supplies, range hoods, and other products.

Mix A and B rubber materials thoroughly and evenly through an electric mixer, and then proceed with assembly.

When using silicone products, pay special attention to strong evaporation and stir evenly again after preparation.

After mixing silicone with curing agent, it solidifies at high temperature, but after being fully mixed with curing agent, it can reach silicone within 60-70 minutes of operational time.

Silicone solidifies at high temperatures, but requires defoaming when cured at the temperature of an alkaline or organic solvent solution.

Silicone and curing agent require the use of suitable solvents, such as gasoline and toluene

The glass adhesive used for cleaning should be wiped with acetone or wiped with acetone.

Wipe the banana tea and other ointments with acetone before they dry and remove them.

This adhesive seam should be wiped dry and then cleaned with silicone adhesive. 5. Do not get too much sugar on it.

There will definitely be a favorable angle adhesive layer between silicone and curing agent.

Attention: There must be a physical or chemical reaction between the silicone and the curing agent, leading to the breakdown of the colloid.

There are few dyes on the surface of silicone, and there are no obvious glue problems during vulcanization. Before using silicone treatment agents, the best solvent should be selected based on the usage environment.

There are few dyes on the surface of silicone, and there are no steps during vulcanization. It is important to understand the quality, performance, and stability of the selected product.

The surface of silicone must be clean, otherwise its results may affect the bonding strength. Because the release agent itself is not suitable. The chemical reaction of silica gel is mainly caused by the adsorption, reaction, absorption or absorption of filler particles, and the improvement of the performance of the mold cavity.




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