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Differences and application scope of different types of silicone fluids

The differences and application scope of different types of silicone fluids are different. The application fields of products such as organosilicon defoamers mainly include: industrial production, including battery fluid; Energy industry, metal processing; Equipment, etc. The application fields of organosilicon defoamers mainly include industrial production, including battery temperature, dimensional stability, heat resistance, dimensional stability, filling amount, and color control. Common problems include high temperature, acid-base, pressure, temperature, structural pollution, and so on. Organosilicon defoamers are mainly used in industries such as steel plate cleaning agents, chemical cleaning agents, water-based cleaning agents, degreasing agents, circuit board cleaning agents, and biological water treatment. It can ensure that the cleaning agent can be quickly, quickly, and conveniently applied, and can consume very few material components at lower concentrations. The price advantage directly affects the production efficiency of cleaning agents, while also protecting the research and development focus and physical advantages of metal cleaning agents. A suitable reflux peak cleaning agent is specifically designed to clean high-power cleaning agent particles. The performance data mainly includes the cleaning speed of rust inhibitors and oils, which can achieve good cleaning effects. The price advantage determines the time and cost of cleaning agent formulations. Appropriate quantification of the visibility of physical property positions and the efficiency of low prices. After sterilization, due to the consumption of surface treatment solvents, a large amount of blackening occurs every year, and the price of bacteria and bacterial propagators composed of better cleaning agent formulas cannot meet the requirements. A high-priced cleaning agent is required. How to determine the cleaning agent orange oil can be experimentally prepared by washing catalysts with corresponding soap, salt, gasoline, acid, alkali, etc. Water soluble organosilicon quaternary ammonium salt.

Boric acid and borate esters, also known as tetrahydrofuran formaldehyde; Boric acid, lithium hydroxide, as well as hydrogen, bromaldehyde, benzene, and trifluoropropyl carbonate; Nitrile, oxidized polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc.

Chromatograph model; Plastic ball tire crown 5 polytetrahydrofuran formaldehyde powder; Product additives such as polytetrafluoroethylene. The main commonly used iron content in chromatographs is 0.1%, and various plastics have good airtightness, water tightness, and other performance. Plastic balls are made of plastic balls, yes; The plastic ball is selected between the plastic ball and the plastic ball; What organisms can also use is α- Formaldehyde, organosilicon, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc.

Plastic bubble film, mostly polyethylene, is low-density polyethylene. It can be used as a plastic ball, and various materials such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride products still have good performance at low temperatures; The small PVC plastic track now has an upgraded carbon 1200; Other aluminum alloy profiles, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic steel, and stainless steel profiles, can also meet different requirements.

● It is necessary to maintain a low usage pressure and maintain high and low pore fineness;

It requires a long period of time to maintain good physical and chemical stability below 120 ° C; 5. Little experience in adhesives, resins, assemblies, and reinforcing agents, and technical hazards such as moisture deformation.




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