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High production standard silicone emulsion factory

A silicone emulsion factory with high production standards. When engaged in the production and sales of environmentally friendly silicone materials, they have more extensive production and experience than traditional silicone materials.

Silicone water-based silicone adhesive is a new type of environmentally friendly, colorless and transparent synthetic polymer material with various viscosities (10mm2/s35), ranging from easily flowing liquids to thick semi solid substances. This product has special smoothness, softness, hydrophobicity, good resistance to high and low temperatures, glossiness, flexibility, non-toxic, and seismic performance.

Suitable for any opaque and non affecting overall appearance ground, especially suitable for brown or cationic contact surfaces;

Suitable for the production of opaque and corrosive substances at different temperatures, such as silicone rubber conductive media, insulation material conductive media, electronic sealing adhesive, foaming agent, silicone sealant, aluminum nitride, aluminum oxide, silicon nitride, aluminum oxide powder, vaporized polyethylene powder, metal deep processing fluid, and others on various oxide surfaces

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Any successful partner highly recognizes their own strength. For all markets, due to consumer recognition, everything serves the team, provides opportunities for partners to provide gaskets and test screen full tutorials, and provides sufficient workspace for employees to gasket and test industry renowned customers. All employees have provided sufficient support for all actions of the company. The services provided by the company are mainly reflected in four individuals from each customer, including professional manufacturers and professional customers responsible for designing and organizing production. They mainly reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the customers, forming a true partner for customer service.

Responsible for the development of laboratory solutions for sample and parallel use, maintaining technical durability and meeting the more stringent technical requirements of customers.

To meet the constantly growing product requirements, develop solutions with excellent durability based on specific application requirements.

In order to meet the growing demand for products, we develop products with better durability and strive for excellence.

In order to meet customer needs, we have developed a product with excellent durability, creating standards for rapid development for our customers.

To improve the employee management system, develop high-performance products suitable for different versions of products and reduce the consumption of additives when using the products.

To improve the timeliness of employee resources, develop a product that can continuously meet customer needs and improve product quality.




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