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Germany's adjustment of the silicone resin industry chain

Germany's only requirement for the adjustment of the silicone resin industry chain can be roughly understood based on its properties and practical application scenarios, and the product design content can be more detailed.

Silicone resin has high heat resistance, usually around 200 ° C, and has good heat resistance. In addition, it has good heat resistance, chemical solvent resistance, radiation resistance, flammability, and thermal stability.

Silicone resin has attempted this but unacceptable challenge in the selection of vulcanizing agents and lubricants. This prospect determines the need to eliminate the use of silicone resin.

Paint containing silicone resin is not compliant. There are many counterfeit and inferior silicone resins in the market. Especially for silicone resins used in screen processing and protection of sensitive backlight colors, they need to be treated promptly after many years. However, most of these purchased products are processed and re purchased, and the corresponding hazards will eventually be discarded or damaged. Some companies, for the sake of convenience, directly ignore these issues and attach importance to a series of issues such as the manufacturing, performance, safety management, anti propagation, and professional knowledge of silicone resin.

Silicone resin is a thermosetting plastic, and its most prominent performance is its excellent electrical insulation performance. Widely used in electrical, mechanical, chemical, communication, national defense, and various fields.

It has good adhesive properties, waterproof properties, high and low temperature resistance, and can be used in the temperature range of -50 ° C to+300 ° C.

Although silicone resin is a common plastic material, it is not a steel structure. Silicone and plastic have adhesive properties, which can shrink or disappear under high temperatures.

Although silicone resin can conduct electricity in a completely insoluble environment, its elastomer is still prone to aging.

There is also a situation where the three proof paint needs to be applied, which is that after applying the three proof paint, the friction and wear are obvious, and the surface is uneven.

The three prevention paint has successfully solved the waste of paint caused by less environmental impact. Solution: Use three proof paint for coating, which is a good remedy for contamination and durability. The three proofing paint has been installed, and the steel inside the room should be inspected in the light colored area to ensure the integrity of the coating.

The general three proofing paint will significantly reduce the surface hardness of the paint film, which is due to the looseness and detachment caused by the chemical reaction of the paint, as well as the detachment of the surface of the coated material.

The three proofing paint will affect the coating characteristics of the paint, and it is necessary to decorate the surface of the paint film well with good reflectivity. If the patterns on the surface of the paint cannot be removed well, it will also affect the surface density of the paint film.

If the three proofing paint has faded on the surface of the coating, it indicates that the paint film has been too thin on the surface of the coating.

Organic silicon three proofing paint can improve the performance of coatings, reduce the friction coefficient of the paint film surface, improve scratch resistance, and is commonly used as a substitute for fluorocarbon three proofing paint. Three proofing paint also has corrosion resistance, but the cost of organic silicon three proofing paint varies, and the frequency of painting and spraying is also variable.




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