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Classification and Introduction of Silicone Fluid Containers

Regarding the classification and introduction of types of silicone fluid containers, based on the way silicone is used, let's follow the instructions from No. 331-16 to learn about the problem of silicone carrier. Let's see how to open the mold after silicone precipitation?

The flowability of silicone is the same as that of ordinary silicone, but they have significant differences in flowability. Organic silicone is formed by curing at room temperature and is generally a material with low viscosity, which is also resistant to impact and freeze-thaw formation. Usually, organic silicone is cured and formed because they have hydrophobicity, and their main characteristic is that they adhere to the surface of the substrate and are not easy to flow.

There is a certain weight ratio between silicone and curing agent. The adhesive must first be mixed with an appropriate solvent to form a certain curing agent, and then diluted with another cleaning cloth or sponge into an organic solvent. An appropriate amount of solvent, xylene, and appropriate solvent are mixed to form a usable adhesive.

There are many types of curing agents that can be divided according to the different needs of customers. Typically, the amount of acidic curing agent accounts for 30-40%, while the amount of epoxy curing agent accounts for 1-2% of the pigment dispersion,

Silicone rubber has various advantages, so its application range is very wide. It almost revolves around a detailed introduction to the three major fields of chemistry, physics, and chemistry.

Silicone gel is the most commonly used chemical material in people's daily consumption, so people have a more important understanding of it. Today, the price of silicone rubber is still very considerable. Below is a detailed introduction to the price of silicone rubber.

Today, the subject of our presentation is silicone. The price of silicone has always been very acceptable. The quotation for organic silicone ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and from 40000 to 80000 units. It is also very important for everyone to have a preliminary understanding of the price of silicone adhesive through some concepts. Today, the price of organic silicone has sharply decreased, which is the main factor affecting the price of silicone materials. How to trade silicone manufacturers.

Silicone adhesive is specialized in bonding and sealing items. Silicone glue is used in sealing or filling fields, such as sensors, purifiers, what types of magnetoelectric covers, and so on. Use rubber materials for electronic glue, such as waterproof sealing, bonding, insulation, shockproof, automotive sealing, electronic sealing, electrical sealing, glass bonding, etc. Use rubber materials for electronic glue, such as building sealants, electronic adhesives, electronic potting adhesives, etc. Used for bonding electronic and electrical components, reinforcing and bonding electronic and electrical components, and packaging electronic components.

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