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Market scale and prospect analysis of silicone fluid products

Market scale and prospect analysis of silicone fluid products.

Organic silicone DK-100 is formed and cured in silicone gel, releasing excellent hand mixing and possessing excellent post processing function, but also susceptible to the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

After the curing and crosslinking of silicone, it is visible. It is important to pay attention to food grade silicone, which is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally safe.

When using silicone for TPU prostheses, because the outer surface of silicone is not transparent, we can use silicone for TPU prostheses. We use silicone instead.

When molding patterns, the thinner the mold, the better. This not only protects the components from damage, but also enhances the wear resistance of the product.

Silicone for injection molding products can be used for extrusion molding products, mainly for process molding products. It can also be used for simulating carving and mixing rubber places.

The molding process of silicone coated products is very simple, and bearings can be made by turning silicone into solid sheets and then thickening them, and the precision is quite high.

Plastic toys, plastic toys, glasses, and rubber toys are all finished products, and the production manufacturers adopt the latest technology to conduct one-on-one optimization design to meet customer needs.

Two component silicone, the difference is: 1. The resin coated with silicone is actually a polymer, mainly used in the silicone industry, and can enhance its corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and wear resistance, improving its service life. 2. Silicone coated resin, mainly used in wet glass, shellac, polyurethane, and silicone

Organic silicon sealant (sealant) is divided into manual pouring and machine pouring. By selecting the product and checking the vulcanization situation, determine the actual effect of vulcanization, and adjust the performance after selecting the product. It can save energy and reduce overall manufacturing costs. When using silicone, high temperatures should be avoided, and attention should be paid to sealing adhesives that are moisture resistant, mechanical, thermal conductive, and vibration reducing.

The correct use method of epoxy resin sealing adhesive for outdoor sports. The gel after rapid curing of epoxy resin potting adhesive can maximize the viscosity of the cured resin and achieve better bonding effect.

Outdoor sports epoxy resin sealing adhesive also has good electrical properties and chemical corrosion resistance, is not easy to corrode and ultraviolet rays, and has a good lifespan.

What are the properties of solar encapsulation adhesive worth paying attention to? What properties of epoxy resin sealing adhesive are worth paying attention to?

In summary, epoxy resin sealing adhesive, as a type of adhesive with high strength and transparency, has been widely used in various industries. Its research and development production process is very conducive to the development of lighting, electronics, automotive, aerospace, national defense, and medical fields.

There are many types of potting adhesive, what exactly is potting adhesive? What are the functions of potting adhesive? It should be noted what the potting adhesive is and what materials can be used to achieve the best curing effect after curing.




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