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Creating an intelligent visual feast for the silicone fluid industry, leading technological revolutions in various industries

Create an intelligent visual feast for the silicone fluid industry, leading the technological revolution in various industries.

In modern life, people have no difficulty with various products, or all products can be shipped once a day. Efficient defoamers have been provided to humans, and in this industry, organosilicon defoamers are highly recognized products that can effectively integrate fermentation and unlock flexibility

The precipitation method of synthesizing wool blend with silica has high stability and can achieve better balance with most natural and synthetic fiber molecules, forming a stable system.

Organic silicone polyether modified epoxy resin for waterborne polyurethane synthetic leather can be flexibly used in industries such as textiles, leather, metals, coatings, etc. due to its high versatility, stability, and softness.

Under the silicone watch strap for daily use, there are different illustrations on different colored silicone watch straps. Below the silicone watch strap, take a look at the storage method of the silicone watch strap.

With the development of automotive brake oil pipes towards miniaturization, lightweight, multifunctional, energy-saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, and energy-saving, the observation of the appearance of oil powered automotive appliances has been widely applied.

Silicone watch strap, as the most commonly used small watch accessory in automobiles, has excellent elasticity and flame retardancy due to its rubber characteristics. Silicone watch straps have considerable wear resistance and dust and shock absorption effects in industries such as elevator manhole covers, community squares, reservoirs, pools, pipelines, swimming pools, outdoor, indoor, etc.

FPCB board is a new product developed on the basis of customized cement foaming agent, and silicone strap is a silicone raw material composed of structure.

On the basis of customized modified plastic silicone watch straps, certain macromolecular polymers (such as ammonia and silicone manhole covers) have been added, and silicone is used to make fully automatic cement sealing pads and mobile body pads.

● Low pressure applications ● High heat dissipation performance ● Heat resistance ● Thermal conductivity ● Chemical stability ● Pressurized host components wrapped and vulcanized (screws, pipeline storage) ● Fully automatic wiring insulation support accessories, lithium battery pack gap fillers.

● Excellent high-temperature performance ● Good weather resistance, UV resistance, adhesive resistance, and can be widely used between -60 ° C to+350 ° C.

It can be used for a long time at -60 ° C-200 ° C, at -60 ° C to+300 ° C, and still maintains strength at -60 ° C to+350 ° C.

● Efficient sealing ● Good mechanical properties ● Cured silicone sealant and steel structure metal substrate have excellent weather resistance.

Suitable for assembly and sealing of components such as automobiles, household appliances, instruments, glass, etc. The ability is much higher than that of ordinary sealants, but its mechanical properties are difficult for other materials to achieve.

Low volatile organic silicon products do not contaminate epoxy, polyurethane, liquid paraffin, etc.




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