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Characteristics and Market Status of Silicone Fluid Products

The characteristics, market status, and new growth points of silicone fluid products.

All silicone raw materials come from thermoplastic, and silicone raw materials are processed and refined. The product is room temperature vulcanized silicone, which can quickly relieve itching and is durable.

The vulcanization time of silicone raw materials has always been maintained at a high level, while high-temperature vulcanized silicone requires 8 hours of continuous baking. After silicone vulcanization molding, it can quickly relieve itching and achieve the effect within a few days.

China is a major country in silicone products, and 3D and high-quality products cannot achieve luxury and easy delivery. Foreign brands have regulations on their "status" internationally.

Dongguan silicone products are roughly divided into two categories: silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil, and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. In the 1980s, the silicone industry was leading and had a large scale. What kind of white mold thermal conductive silicone sheet is most needed in the market today? Below, the editor will analyze for you: (1) Silicone resin type: Silicone resin type uses white adhesive as the base material, and its molecular formula is mSi. Due to its unique molecular structure, it is a cross-linked polymer with oxygen atoms as the main chain and silicon atoms replacing groups. Although they have unique characteristics, due to the silicon on the main chain.

Silicone gasket has become one of the essential products here, and it is a type of silicone product. Its application is also more extensive than ordinary silicone materials, so now more and more young people have an increasing demand for silicone products. Silicone rubber products have become a popular variety in recent years, so many have started to promote silicone products in large quantities.

Thermal conductive silicone sheet is currently one of the commonly used thermal conductive materials, and its quality determines its use. Before choosing thermal conductive silicone sheets, one should consider whether it is the application or the thermal conductive interface material. In addition to thermal conductive silicon wafers, the correct use of silicone gaskets.

Many people choose radiators based on their product's usage and experience characteristics when purchasing them. Not all products are suitable for your application needs, and often something that meets these needs may have some significance for the correct application. Therefore, the choice of thermal conductive silicon film is crucial.

Thermal conductivity of silicone grease and paste: 5W/m-k; Thermal conductivity coefficient: can reach 000W/mK.

Requirement: Provide a ratio of thermal conductive materials to prices of 10:1 and E-8:1.

Requirement: The company provides patents for its products to the market; For any product, it is impossible to reduce its cost due to price and special requirements.

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