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How to obtain IPPC identification for exporting silicone resin? Interpretation of common skills and questions

How to obtain IPPC identification for exporting silicone resin? Explanation of common problems and tips: The soft and hard connection process of silicone PE Teku silicone hose with tactile sensation.

Silicone can achieve instant compression, smoothness, and a suitable feel. Different shapes of silicone not only allow for customized feel, but it is also difficult to obtain high-quality and reliable silicone. Limits for silicone at different temperatures.

Usually, silicone can resist changes in its resistance to movement, but its flexibility is slightly poor, especially in terms of tear resistance. The elongation at break of silicone is slightly higher, and if it is not pulled apart, silicone is easily broken.

The first step of the silicone corrugated pipe extrusion process technology is mainly to use the "foundation" of the extruded particles on the side to support the extrusion pressure of the frame, while the pipe uses the "neck" of the extruded particles to ensure uniform pressure. The extrusion of pipelines or track boards should meet three requirements in order of extrusion angle and size. If a single sided pipe is extruded, even if the dew point is very smooth, a high "head beam" is used to support the surface film removal and sudden "cracking" structure, but the "cracking" finger sleeve does not meet the standard scars.

Flame retardant silicone fireproof pipe, fireproof pipe. Flame retardant silicone hose, silicone fireproof hose. Polysilicate silicone hose, glass fiber cloth, profiles, rolls, self-adhesive silicone hose, SF0 flame-retardant silicone hose.

High temperature silicone hose, high temperature resistant silicone hose, food grade silicone hose, silicone foam sheet, food grade silicone sealing strip.

Silicone fiberglass tube, also known as silicone fiberglass sleeve, is made of alkali free fiberglass yarn woven into a tube, which is then subjected to high-temperature treatment and coated with organic silicone resin. This sleeve has good dielectric properties, self-extinguishing properties, and excellent flexibility, and is widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, televisions, and electronic instruments, such as internal bag wire bundles.

The inner rubber and outer fiber glass fiber sleeve is made by extruding silicone rubber into a tube, adding it to the woven glass fiber yarn, and then coating it with Noewell specific silicone rubber for high-temperature treatment. It has excellent insulation and temperature resistance protection, and is also widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, special lighting fixtures, etc.

125 ° C heat shrink sleeve, also known as heat shrink protective sleeve, provides insulation protection for wires, cables, and wire terminals. It has high-temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardancy, insulation and corrosion resistance, and is widely used for insulation protection of various wire harnesses, solder joints, inductors, as well as rust prevention and corrosion prevention of metal pipes and rods.

The heat shrink sleeve of the busbar is made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin material, with excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties. Its main functions include electrical insulation of connectors, rust and corrosion prevention of welding points, mechanical protection, and reducing phase spacing. It is widely used in fields such as electronics, communication, machinery, and manufacturing.

Glass fiber tubes, also known as self-extinguishing tubes, are woven from alkali free glass fibers and then subjected to high-temperature treatment, coated with organic silicone resin.




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