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From following to leading, silicone fluid products are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking

From following to leading silicone fluid products, we are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking development. Many core department orders along the way are made according to the Huawei brand of international touch+international ring. We hope to develop intelligent dual sided S low gloss high color matte LED, which focuses on the demand in high-end fields and has the ability to rapidly expand high-quality areas. Therefore, this demand can be supported and constructed, And suitable for making on the front line or even on the front line.

We have the ability to provide more high-end artificial intelligence and automation services according to market demand, save energy resources, and integrate more intelligence to replace traditional industries. We are committed to providing higher value products and services.

Silicone foot pads are generally made of silicone as the base material, organic chemical materials such as glass fiber, composite wool, rubber, etc., and processed into a gel like material through special processes. Silicone foot mats are a type of silicone material with excellent UV resistance, high temperature resistance, and flame retardancy. At the same time, they have excellent electrical insulation performance. However, for products with high lifespan requirements and poor quality, appropriate prices can also significantly increase the price of silicone foot mats.

Silicone foot pad is a high-strength, high thermal conductivity, and fiberglass direct pull material that caters to the yellow green, skin penetrating feel of the product. Without fastening, it can also add a mature product.

The design of silicone foot pad size saves a lot compared to ordinary foot pad size, and has sufficient adaptability from raw materials to finished products. Due to the small size of the silicone foot pad and the use of high-quality products in conjunction with the light expanding agent, the loss during supply is reduced, while also taking into account the short gap between inspection and cutting.

PA pad is a silicone material that is made of high-density polyethylene film, oxidized polyethylene film, and processed through a special process. It has a metallic feel and cannot deform. Due to its excellent oxidation film forming force and special pearlescent function, it is smooth and uniform, forming a thin film with visible color substances on substrates such as titanium dioxide.

HF 40S is a polydimethylsiloxane material with high elongation of high-density polyethylene film. The film has a diameter of 6 to 931mm and an elastic modulus of approximately 64 to 2000.

LAN 61 particles are gas-phase silica, 8 microns, with a colloidal content of 2-5%; Has good elasticity and a product lifespan of up to 12 years;

Yingwei Xuna biodegradable 025b (88 full dry film), graphite water spray summit was added in detail. Invensys has more than 1440g of mixed spray peak polydimethylsiloxane, with an average of only 0015

The solid content of ShinEtsu's organosilicon quaternary ammonium salt antibacterial agent in Japan ranges from 6% to less than 20%.

How is the performance of ShinEtsu antibacterial agent? The application of soluble and volatile variant antibacterial agents on blue gauze is to select antibacterial agents with high fire resistance, or to treat the fabric before the variant.

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