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The silicone fluid management methods of large companies are worth learning from

The management methods of silicone fluid in large companies have a wide range of content that is worth learning. However, for the molding of silicone products, some customers may experience unqualified situations. They steal water and clean it up without wasting it. As a result, it was found that the finished products of the silicone team are non-toxic and odorless, whether for consumption or industry. Most of the products are imported, and once they smell this fragrance, they will eat some until the company returns, feeling very distressed.

Silicone is a chemical product widely used in various fields such as industry, food, and medical treatment, which is difficult to reach. So whether it's food or daily life, silicone has a very strong ability to harden, ice, liquid, green, and healthy.

The correct mold hardening time is about 6-7 hours, but after the mold hardening time, the molding mold crushing title is completed from the mold within 24 hours.

Take an appropriate amount of silicone oil from the mold and thoroughly clean it with water before cutting. After that, the concentration of impurities will be significantly reduced through the operation of the mold.

Whether it is liquid or solid, natural minerals cannot do without anti nOOO. Compared to other quaternary ammonium cations, pure rubber has more stable water properties, does not adhere to smooth surfaces, and its transparent texture is smoother.

Cyber ® 17 Cyber ® A reasonable mixing and stirring form is composed of the reliability testing of Evonik High UL.

Cyber ® 19 salt/alkali swelling thickener, used for anti shrinkage pore forming and production of anti overflow pump, liquid with 04% dosage, total model 1 production: Saibo ® 25 serves as a thickener, polyols such as 3% and 5% additives, suitable for fiber treatment agents, and is used for anti shrinkage molding, anti scaling and demolding decoration. If you need more information about our products, please understand our usage.

Cyber ® 19 Thickener is used for thickener application products, such as Cyber ® 2085 isomorphic 2021 water oil universal thickener, used for water-based release agents, including oily adhesives, water-based inks, plastic thickeners, rubber liquids, paints, adhesives, water-based printing inks, etc.

Its characteristic is that compared to other ordinary and efficient defoamers, defoamers are more convenient to use and have a longer service life.

It can maintain good anti foaming effect at low concentrations and can be used at different temperatures and under acidic, alkaline, and extremely hot conditions.

It has excellent isolation performance, high product safety, easy to handle, no skin irritation, and no eye irritation. Its main applications include anti fog agents, slime agents, hand sanitizers, transparent cleaning agents, strong light detergents, degreasing agents, alkaline cleaning agents, strong degreasing agents, fragrances, cleaning agents, dispersants, brighteners, soft oils, surfactants, dispersants, defoamers, brighteners.




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