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High production standard silicone fluid factory

High production standard silicone fluid factory equipment silicone gaskets allow users to choose silicone products.

As a professional silicone product processing factory, Shenzhen Aochuan Technology has leading domestic silicone products that can be widely used in silicone products, medical products, etc., providing customers with all technical guidance for silicone products.

In 2021, Aochuan Technology led a new breakthrough in the silicone product production line in 2022, and Ningbo Zhongxin transformed into a win-win situation. It passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and 148000G.

Warm congratulations, Aochuan Technology has successfully completed its quality management and received unanimous praise from customers through fire safety evaluation.

In 2021, Aochuan Technology collaborated with customers to provide them with continuously improved products. Aochuan Technology established a professional supplier specializing in the production of silicone products.

In 2022, Aochuan Technology officially completed its visit to Yunnan Province to hold the 14th Organic Silicon Industry Development Seminar.

In the field of application, from brand new products to household accessories and LED display modules, Aochuan Technology has been established to focus on the research and production of high-performance fields. Aochuan Technology has gathered patented "high-performance organic silicon" and "high-performance organic silicon" to solve supplier problems from the source, provide customers with high-performance products and services, and promote cooperation with fine chemicals.

Aochuan Technology collaborates with customers to promote the entire industry chain through technological innovation, providing high-quality products and solutions to customers.

In the field of application, in the fields of nanotechnology, new processes, new products, new equipment, and other fields, you can combine our actual needs and specialize in producing high-performance organic silicon materials to solve the pain research, high temperature resistance, and solution resistance tests of plastic, metal, and other materials and product development. However, you must combine them before selecting products to ensure that our products meet your needs.

The preparation of PC silicon based flame-retardant conductive silver particle reinforced polymer materials has a high efficiency and low thinning rate, which provides higher protection and limitations for auxiliary polymer materials and is suitable for low smoke and halogen-free flame retardant systems. High cost-effectiveness with minimal addition. When preparing PP/PE flame-retardant silicone rubber, it is recommended to use other additives when producing polyurethane elastomers. Good flame retardant effect.

When suitable for thermoplastic elastomer materials such as high-density polyethylene/PE, LDPE, EVA, etc., its flame retardancy can reach over 100%< Eod>.




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