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Polyether Modified Dimethicone BL-233

[INCI/CTFA] PEG-10 Dimethicone


Polyether Modified Dimethicone BL-233

[INCI/CTFA] PEG-10 Dimethicone 

BL-233 is a lipophilic polyether-polydimethylsiloxane which has excellent W/Si and W/O emulsibility. The product has slight characteristic odor.

Technical Index

Appearance Colorless to yellowish, Transparent to translucent liquid
Specific gravity (25℃)1.00~1.05
Refractive index (25℃) 1.4100~1.4300
Viscosity (CS, 25℃) 400~1600
Flash point(℃, Opened cup) >200


* Silicone Surfactantnn

* Main emulsifier for O/W emulsion


* Excellent emulsifying ability; achieving good emulsifying effect without mixing with other emulsifiers

* Wide viscosity range of emulsified continuous oil phase

* Safe and non-toxic; applied for cosmetics


As an emulsifier, this product is mainly used in O/W silicone emulsion formulation. For example, it can emulsify Dimethicone, Phenylmethhicone,Hydroxyl silicone oil, Amido Dimethicone, Alkyl Dimethicone, etc, and achieve stable low-viscosity O/W silicone emulsions.


Mix this product and silicone oil and stir until uniform (System A). Add a small amount of water at one time into System A and stir. It can achieve the initial emulsion like cream. Then continue to add water. At this stage, the amount of water should be adjusted according to the formulation. Add water gradually and stir at the same time. The stable silicone emulsion can be achieved.

The recommended dosage is 2~10% (according to the total formulation amount).


The product is supplied in 50Kg plastic pails and 200Kg plastic pails.

Samples are available upon request in bottles.


The product is non-toxic product. In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure of moisture, acids, alkalis and other impurities.