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Polyether Modified Dimethicone BL-272

[INCI/CTFA] PEG-12 Dimethicone
Equivalent Brand: DC 193


Polyether Modified Dimethicone BL-272

[INCI/CTFA] PEG-12 Dimethicone

Equivalent Brand: DC 193

BL-272 is polyglycol (ethylene/propylene oxide) modified polydimethylsiloxane and could provide unique surfactant properties, and lower surface tension as an ideal emulsifier of silicone oil and other oil-phase in personal care products.It has excellent water solubility, anti-static, smoothness feel, foaming-stable properties etc.

Technical Index

AppearanceColorless to yellowish transparent fluid
Specific gravity (25℃)1.070-1.080
Refractive index (25℃) 1.4500-1.4600
Viscosity (CS, 25℃)250-500
Cloud point (℃) ≥80


* Polyether modified siliconen

* Non-ionic silicone surfactant

* Excellent emulsifying and wetting activity


* Non-irritating to skinn

* Hydrophilic and humectants

* Anti-static and foaming-stable agent


BL-272 is an ideal emulsifier of silicone fluids and other oil-phase in personal care products. It was used widely in facial lotion, hair styling spray, make-up and sun protect creams, etc.



BL-272 can be blended with filmable polymers such as PVP K-30, VA-64 in hair styling preparations. In facial lotion and cream, the common usage level is 1-3 %.



The product is supplied in 50Kg plastic pails and 200Kg plastic pails.

Samples are available upon request in bottles.