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Silicone Wax BL-W255

[INCI/CTFA] Stearyldimethicone
Equivalent Brand: DC 2550


Silicone Wax BL-W255

[INCI/CTFA] Stearyldimethicone

Equivalent Brand: DC 2550

BL-W255 Silicone Wax is alkyl modified dimethicone. It is silicone wax with a characteristic odor. The product is nontoxic and non-irritation. BL-W255 is used widely in personal care industries, including color cosmetics, hair care, and skin care.

Technical Index

Appearance White  wax solid
Relative density, 25℃0.945-0.975
Melt point, ℃44-53
Flash point, ℃>100
Active component, %100


* Organ silicone waxn

* Nontoxic and non-irritatingn

* Compatible with many organic ingredients


* Silky and emollient feel

* Outstanding lubricating and glossing properties

* Ideal ingredients for color cosmetics

* Hydrophobic


Used in all kinds of personal care products, including:

* Color cosmetic Lipstick; Eyebrow pencil, etc.

* Hair care Hair care cream; Setting gel/lotion.

* Conditioning agent before chemical treatment of hair care;

* Proof agent and deep conditioning agent for hair dyeing.

* Skin care Sun-proof cream, etc.


Melt the product and mix with other ingredients on the basis of formulations. The recommended usage level is 4%-12% in most applications.



BL-W255 Silicone Wax is supplied in 30kg paper barrels.

Samples are available upon request in bottles.



BL-W255 Silicone Wax is non-dangerous product.In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure of moisture, acids, alkalis, the sunand rain directly.